Jessie J feels a "huge sense of guilt" about motherhood.

Jessie J partners with Dove to mark 20 years of the Campaign For Real Beauty at Outernet London

Jessie J partners with Dove to mark 20 years of the Campaign For Real Beauty at Outernet London

The 'Domino' singer and partner Chanan Safir Colman welcomed son Sky into the world last May and not only is the 36-year-old star is always mindful of what she says about the little boy because of her own previous struggles with loss, she knows her own experiences are not the same as those of other parents.

Speaking at an event at Outernet London to mark 20 years of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, she said: "I always say this, pregnancy, birth, I never thought it would come to me, I was a big advocate and still am for infertility and child loss.

"For years and years and years, that's what I spoke about and non I'm on the other side I feel a huge sense of guilt in some way because I know so many women and men are struggling.

"So when you do have a baby, you have to understand it's the most relatable and conversational thing you can talk about with someone but also the most unique experience and you have to understand that it's your experience and it's not the same as someone else's.

"You're allowed to be sad, you're allowed to be OK, you're allowed to want to go back to work two weeks, six months, two years later, whatever it is that works for you, it really is such a personal experience."

Jessie admitted she's experienced "savage" criticism from fellow mothers and urged new parents to give themselves "grace" to recover and look after themselves.

She said: "Honestly, I've never experienced such savage people as mums. They're the most judgemental, they can be so savage.

"You just have to give yourself grace, like you've just grown a whole human inside your body and birthed it outside of your body....

"I think that would be my advice, just to give yourself grace, be patient, and to understand you gave birth to a whole other person. You can only do it your way."

The 'Price Tag' singer also urged fellow pop stars to be more "natural" with their social media posts.

She said: "I'd love to see more women and girls and more people in their natural environment, in their natural ay.

"I till feel like those 'Get ready with me' [videos] are so fabricated and engineered and put together and as a once-pop star, a long time ago, I feel I try so hard on my social media just to be what I am, I've woken up, straight and film myself, and I'd love to see more of that in the industry.

"I still feel there are so many women in the public eye that a lot of young women are looking up to who are not themselves, so I would love to see that more."

Jessie J has partnered with Dove to mark 20 years of the Campaign For Real Beauty and commits to keeping beauty ‘real’ by never using AI to represent real women in its ads.

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