Jimmy Kimmel fought back tears as he paid tribute to Bob Saget.

Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to Bob Saget

Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to Bob Saget

The 54-year-old late night talk show host got emotional as he remembered his late friend after his death over the weekend aged 65, and described him as "the sweetest".

In a pre-taped monologue on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', he said: "If you've read anything about Bob online last night, if you saw any of the many thoughts from people who knew him personally, a word that came up a lot was 'the sweetest'.

"Bob was the sweetest, he was the sweetest man, and the reason people wrote that is because it's true.

"It's the best word — if you had to pick one word to describe him, that was it: the sweetest.

"I have so many wonderfully kind and supportive texts and emails, calls from Bob. He always had a compliment. He would write sometimes just to tell me he loved me, and I know he did that for many people."

Jimmy noted the comedian was "so funny", but he insisted his humour went far beyond his on-screen roles.

He added: "I mean funny for real, like when you walked into a party and you saw Bob and his wife Kelly [Rizzo] in the corner, you go straight to them and stay for as long as you could because he had something funny to say about everything and nothing bad to say about anyone."

He also revealed after he heard news of Bob's death, he went through old emails from the 'Full House' actor, which included some "serious" messages about "life and the well-being of our children".

And he had printed out one email in which they discussed their kids, which read: "One night soon let's go out and have some meat and some good damn drinks and talk about how lucky we are that we have them."

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