Kerry Katona has said that public displays of affection are "cringe."

Kerry takes a swipe at Kourtney for her excessive PDAs with Travis Barker

Kerry takes a swipe at Kourtney for her excessive PDAs with Travis Barker

The 41-year-old television star - who is currently engaged to Ryan Mahoney - has slammed Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker for being overtly affectionate in public.

She told Closer: "I'm all for affection in relationships, but I think you've just got to keep things private! I have been like Kourtney and Travis in some of my past relationships - I was all over my partner in public on social media. But now, looking back at how I acted, I cringe - it was so unnecessary and I think, in a way, I was so OTT because I was trying to prove to myself and the world how loved-up I was. Now, I know that intimacy and all that is for her bedroom. I've only ever given my fiancé Ryan the odd peck in in public - of course we've snogged with tongues, but that's for behind closed doors."

The ex-'Atomic Kitten' singer - who is mum to Molly, 20, and Lily-Sue, 18 from her marriage to Westlife star Brian McFadden, as well as Heidi, 14 and Max, 13 from her marriage to Mark Croft and Dylan-Jorge, seven, from her marriage to late rugby player George Kay - then went on to state that PDAs "mortifying" for children.

She said: "I also just think that PDAs are mortifying for the children. Imagine seeing your mum dry humping her boyfriend in public!"

However, Kerry was quick to note that some might find those comments a little contradictory as she sells racy pictures on subscription-based service OnlyFans, before reiterating that although she is "happy" for the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star, there is no need for such excessive PDA.

She said: "Some people might call me a hypocrite because I'm on OnlyFans, but people have to remember that it's all behind a pay wall and is for over-18s only. I'm happy for Kourtney and Travis , but they really don't need to be mounting each other all the time. I think if you're really in love and have nothing to prove, there's really no need to shove your tongue down your partner's throat in public."