Kerry Katona's relationship with Ryan Mahoney has been going through a "testing" time.

Kerry Katona's relationship has been through a 'testing' time

Kerry Katona's relationship has been through a 'testing' time

The former Atomic Kitten singer and her fitness trainer fiance both contracted COVID-19 for the second time over the Christmas period, and she admitted being confined to their home while also dealing with the stress of having their cars stolen has taken its toll on their bond.

She wrote in her column for new! magazine: "Having our cars stolen and then getting Covid and being stuck indoors has really tested Ryan and me.

"We’ve been locked inside with the children with nowhere to go and it’s been really hard. As we couldn’t go out, the stress was getting on top of us and then we only had each other to take it out on.

"Ryan is usually the calmest person ever, but having his car stolen really did upset him."

However, Kerry insisted the pair are now "stronger" than ever following the difficult few weeks.

She added: "But all couples go through testing times. I’ll be with Ryan until the day I die and I love him to pieces.

"Everything is good – it’s only made us stronger."

The 41-year-old star - who has Molly, 20, Lilly, 18, Heidi, 14, Max, 13, and seven-year-old DJ from previous relationships - admitted thieves stealing both her and Ryan's cars within a two-week period has also taken a worrying toll on her youngest daughter.

She said: "I still don’t have any news about my stolen car and the investigation is ongoing. Then, just 11 days after it happened, Ryan’s car was stolen.

"It’s been a nightmare. It isn’t just the car – it’s had a huge knock-on effect on us as a family. It’s traumatised the children – and I think it’s really affected DJ.

"She seemed fine at first, but she’s had two temper tantrums and that’s not like my DJ at all. It could be a delayed reaction to everything that’s happened."

Despite a tough December, Kerry is feeling optimistic for 2022.

She wrote: "It’s a new year and a new beginning – and I’m feeling positive. I always try to look for the silver linings.

"Just because something bad has happened, it doesn’t mean my life is falling apart. My career is going well, I have a nice house and most importantly I’ve got my family. We’re tight-knit, we’ve got our health and we’re all good."