Kerry Washington has welcomed her second child.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

The 'Scandal' star gave birth to her and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha's son on October 5 and have chosen to name him Caleb Kelechi, E! News reports.

The happy couple - who already have two-year-old daughter Isabelle Amarachi - have been really excited about the arrival of their little boy and Kerry has been getting parenting advice from Shonda Rhimes and her therapist.

She revealed: "I've really leaned heavily on my boss' experience. I consider myself busy, but Shonda has about four of five shows, three kids ... She says, 'If you feel like you have just the right amount of help, then you don't have enough.' My therapist said this too. You need a lot of support. No just logistically but emotionally and spiritually."

However, the 39-year-old actress previously admitted she was "anxious" about welcoming another child into the world.

She said: "I'm an only [child] so every time the family grows it brings up a little bit of anxiety. But it's fantastic. I'm really happy.

"We don't know [the gender], yeah. I'm open - honestly, healthy, happy baby - that's what we want. We're all really excited. We'll see how it all plays out. I'm an only child, so I'm like, 'What's this going to be like?' But I think it's going to be great."

Meanwhile, Kerry recently revealed she will keep accepting work she wants to do rather than to please anybody else.

She shared: "You arrive at a certain place of achieving and suddenly you feel like your goals are being dictated by other people...Right now, as I get ready for this second baby, it's really about me being in touch with what I want. I didn't get here because I was trying to be what somebody else wanted me to be... I am not interested in playing by other people's rules. So for now, I'm leaving myself open to the adventure."