Lily Allen has joined OnlyFans - to post pictures of her feet.

Lily Allen has joined OnlyFans

Lily Allen has joined OnlyFans

The 39-year-old singer-turned-actress - who is married to 'Stranger Things' star David Harbour - is charging fans £8 a month to subscribe to Lily Allen FTSE500 in order to look at pictures of her toes on the adults-only platform, and those who pay can already see six different photos.

One of the pictures is captioned "sole trader" and another "summer pedicure".

Under a third, she wrote: "Just bought these at the airport. Will take them off later."

The move comes days after the 'Smile' hitmaker claimed she had been told she could "make a lot of money selling foot content" after finding out her trotters had been "rated quite highly on the internet".

She said on her 'Miss Me?' podcast: "I have a lady who comes and does my nails and they informed me that I have five stars on WikiFeet, which is quite rare."

Lily - who has daughters Ethel, 11, and nine-year-old Marnie with her ex-husband Sam Cooper - recently joked she wants to be buried with her phone so no one ever finds out about the "dark" porn she looks at when she's alone.

Speaking on the 'Where There's a Will, There's a Wake' podcast, and asked which item she'd choose to be buried with, she admitted: "Probably my phone. My Google search history. My porn search history - Saturday night when the kids are at their dad's, that porn trajectory.

"It always starts quite... unassuming... maybe a bit of shoplifting and security guard. That kind of thing. And then it gets kind of dark. We'll leave it at that because I really don't want anyone to know!

"Put it in my fancy coffin. All of my Apple devices as well, my body's not even in there, it's just full of devices!"