'Supernatural' star Mark Sheppard was "brought back from the dead" four times after suffering six "massive" heart attacks.

Mark Sheppard suffered a series of deadly heart attacks

Mark Sheppard suffered a series of deadly heart attacks

The 59-year-old actor collapsed at home over the weekend 02-03.12.23) and was rushed to hospital where doctors fought to save his life and he's now revealed he is lucky to be alive after doctors discovered a blockage in his left anterior descending artery which caused him to suffer a dangerous heart attacked which has been dubbed the "widowmaker".

In a post on Instagram, he explained: "You’re not going to believe this! Was on my way to an appointment yesterday when I collapsed in my kitchen. Six massive heart attacks later, and being brought back from dead 4 times I apparently had a 100 per cent blockage in my LAD. The Widowmaker."

He went on to credit his wife Sarah for saving his life along with officers of the Los Angeles Fire Department and the staff at the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California.

He added: "If not for my wife, the @losangelesfiredepartment at mullholland and the incredible staff @providencecalifornia St Joseph’s - I wouldn’t be writing this. My chances of survival were virtually nil. I feel great. Humbled once more. Home tomorrow! #spnfamily."

After posting the news on Instagram, Mark was inundated with well wishes from his fan and famous friends including his 'Supernatural' co-star Misha Collins, who joked: "Mark! You don't need to do the most and biggest every time! 6 heart attacks? 2 or 3 would have been impressive enough. You've impressed us, okay. Now stop with this heal up and get back on the road with us. Love you, pal."

Mark then replied to his friend: "Don’t let anyone know … love you too."

Fellow actor John Barrowman wrote: "Mark, WTF… if there is anything you need or I can do just let me know. I am just a small journey away. Please do all they tell you to make yourself heal and get well. You are a lovely soul and a lovely man. I am sending you lots of love ... JB."

Matt Bomer wrote: "Glad you’re ok Mark. Sending."

Mark also received a message from the Los Angeles Fire Department, which read: "We’re so glad to hear of your outcome and wish you a full and speedy recovery!"