Matt Tuck thinks Brexit restrictions are making life "impossible" for British musicians.

Matt Tuck

Matt Tuck

The 41-year-old Bullet for My Valentine star believes that the extra paperwork and costs associated with performing in the European Union is making for a nightmarish situation for some artists.

He said: "Everything is so uncertain, it’s a mess. We’ll obviously deal with any bumps along the way [but] this can’t go on, it’s impossible."

Despite this, Matt predicted that a "sharp U-turn" will happen at some stage.

He told The Independent: "I think everyone’s just busy licking their wounds over the negative effects of [Brexit]. Farmers, fishermen … everyone’s been led down the garden path and left for dead."

Matt insists that Bullet for My Valentine have never geared their music towards mainstream radio.

And it's not something they intend to do now either, according to the singer.

He said: "If something gets on the radio, that’s great. But we’ve never written for radio – hand-on-heart, never will. Our band was not built [that way]."

The band have experimented with new sounds over the years.

And Matt insists they're happy to try something new, even if it's not well-received by all of their fans.

He explained: "People talk s***. But just because something doesn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean it’s bad."

Matt admits to having a "savage aggression" in his music.

And his ferocious approach to singing actually led Matt to suffer severe tonsillitis earlier in his career.

He said: "I was going to doctors and getting anything I could to get me onstage, but in the end it did nothing."

However, after undergoing a tonsillectomy, he's barely been ill at all and he's glad that his voice was in good shape for their new eponymous album.

Matt explained: "The vocals needed that intensity."