Mia Goth has been on a "similar trajectory" to her 'MaXXXine' character.

Mia Goth can see similarities between herself and Maxine Minx

Mia Goth can see similarities between herself and Maxine Minx

The 30-year-old actress has played Maxine Minx in the 'X' film series, and Mia sees strong similarities between her real-life self and her on-screen character.

The movie star - who first played Maxine in 2022's 'X' - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "In a very strange way, actually. When we started filming this trilogy four years ago, I was in a very different place in my life. And from the moment I read 'X' for the first time I connected with her."

Mia believes that the similarities have ultimately helped her in her role.

She said: "We've been on a similar trajectory and I think it's just helped inform the work."

Meanwhile, Mia previously revealed that she's "very director-driven".

The actress suggested that she was drawn to the 'X' franchise because she wanted to work with Ti West, who has directed all of the films in the series.

Mia told Vanity Fair in 2023: "I’m very director-driven.

"If I don’t trust the person who’s the head of the ship, I really don’t think there’s any point in being involved in something. So I watch their movies, or am a fan to begin with, and get an understanding of the worlds that they’re in."

Mia always does her research on directors before committing to any project.

The actress explained that she's always fully committed to her roles, explaining that she "would pretty much do anything" to improve her own performance.

Speaking about her approach to her work, Mia shared: "I enjoy seeing what movies have inspired them, what references they’re looking to. I would pretty much do anything for my role, to be good."

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