Sir Michael Caine has "never been tempted to stray" from his wife.

Michael Caine with his wife Shakira

Michael Caine with his wife Shakira

The 82-year-old actor has been married to wife Shakira, 68, for 42 years and insists that despite working alongside Hollywood beauties such as Rachel Weisz and Scarlett Johansson, he's never thought about cheating on her.

He said: "In this business, you're surrounded by beautiful women - but I've got one at home, so I've never been tempted to stray."

However, the 'Interstellar' star - who was previously married to the late actress Patricia Haines - did confess that part of the reason he never felt tempted was because he always brought Shakira with him to the sets of his movies.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "We also pre-empted any of that kind of danger because I never went on location without her. Going on location is a killer: Among actors they say, 'Well, location doesn't count.'

"I never went with that saying, because I never went on location without her. Simple."

Michael is currently starring in Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino's 'Youth' and claims he was shocked to be sent a script due to the film's title.

He laughed: "What part have I got in a film called 'Youth'? I'm 82."

However, the 'Italian Job' actor went on to admit that filming one particular scene certainly made him feel young again.

Caine added: "We're in a swimming pool and a naked Miss Universe gets in. That keeps you youthful!"