Michelle Williams is expecting her third child.

Michelle Williams and Thomas Kail are expecting a baby

Michelle Williams and Thomas Kail are expecting a baby

The ‘Showing Up’ star and her ‘Hamilton’ director husband Thomas Kail, 44, announced the “joyous” news of their upcoming bundle of joy.

The 41-year-old actress told Variety: “It’s totally joyous. As the years go on, you sort of wonder what they might hold for you or not hold for you. It’s exciting to discover that something you want again and again, is available one more time. That good fortune is not lost on me or my family.”

The child will be the second for the couple - who met on the set of the FX limited series ‘Fosse/Verdon’ - as they already have an infant son Hart and the third for the Emmy winner, who has 16-year-old Matilda with the late actor Heath Ledger, who passed away from a drug overdose in 2008.

Michelle - who learnt a lot from being pregnant and giving birth during the COVID-19 lockdown - labelled it as “reminder that life goes on”.

She said: “It was a reminder that life goes on. The world we brought a baby into is not the world we thought we were bringing a baby into, but the baby is ignorant of that. He experiences the unmitigated joy of discovery and the happiness of a loving home.”

The former ‘Dawson's Creek’ star believes that being a parent to a “great kid” is “the ultimate creative act”.

Michelle said: “There’s nothing that makes you committed to a better world than raising a great kid. It’s the ultimate creative act.”

She added: “The most ecstatic moments of life and art are the transcendent ones. Having children is like that. You combine your DNA with someone else to create a new life.”

Michelle revealed to the publication - that despite a busy promotional schedule - she intends to do “nothing” else underway until the little one arrives.

She said: “I got nothing. I wondered if I could work while I was pregnant, but I’m too tired.”