Nick Cannon insured his manhood because it's "his most valuable body part".

Nick Cannon wanted to ensure his manhood is protected

Nick Cannon wanted to ensure his manhood is protected

The 43-year-old comedian, who has 12 children with different partners, recently revealed he got his private parts insured for $10 million, and he's now explained the reason why.

Asked why he chose his penis he laughed in an interview with 'Entertainment Tonight": I had to insure my most valuable assets.

"Because you hear about like all these different celebrities insuring their legs... so I was like, 'Hey, well, I got to insure my most valuable body part."

Asked about adding to his brood, he insisted: "[I'm] just making sure nothing goes wrong."

Nick went from talking about his anatomy to sharing how "outgoing" his son Legendary, who just turned two, is.

He said: "I mean it, I'm super impressed, just based off of his social skills.

"I mean, he's one of these kids that has so much personality and is super talkative -- even at like two!

"Obviously, I got a lot of kids to be able to see [how] he's definitely, like, more outgoing and it almost feels like he's built for this world."

The youngster's mother, Bre Tiesi, also praised Nick for the way he manages to be in his all his children's lives and never lets anyone down.

She gushed: "He manages it really well. I feel like that's why no one ever hears anything because we're all happy. We all make it work.

"He's such a good person, genuinely, and he really cares, and he does want to be there and he's never gonna blow anything off.

"It makes it easier when you're doing things because you know he's gonna make the effort and he's gonna show up."

The former Nickelodeon star also has twins Moroccan and Monroe, 13, with ex-wife Mariah Carey; Golden, seven, Powerful Queen, three, and 21-month-old Rise with Brittany Bell; Onyx, 21 months, with LaNisha Cole; and Halo, 18 months, with Alyssa Scott, the mother of his late son Zen.

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