Nicole Kidman is fascinated by the "big philosophical questions".

Nicole Kidman loves contemplating big life issues

Nicole Kidman loves contemplating big life issues

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed she's "fascinated in human beings" and loves to contemplate the big questions in life, like "what it means to die".

Nicole, 54, told Variety: "I’m fascinated in human beings. I’m fascinated in what it means to be alive. I’m fascinated in what it means to die. I’m fascinated in all of the big philosophical questions that orbit around us. Therefore, I primarily seek out filmmakers that are delving into that.

"I’ve circled things that are lighter fare too. 'Moulin Rouge!' - it was so difficult, but I wanted to do a love story. I was putting it out there going, 'Please, let me creatively do a love story.'"

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Nicole revealed she wants to "share" her success with her family.

The acclaimed actress - who has Sunday, 13, and Faith, 11, with husband Keith Urban - appreciates the support she gets from her family, and she hopes that her daughters are learning from her own work ethic.

Nicole - who also has Isabella, 29, and Connor, 27, with ex-husband Tom Cruise - shared: "I think they see it. They're firsthand, where we travel as a little group, where, always, we share pretty much everything.

"I always say it's our work as a family, it's not my work. So they share in everything, all of them, because it is our work and without their support, I wouldn't be able to do it."

Nicole also heaped praise on her husband, describing Keith as "rock solid".

She shared: "[Her daughters are] right there with me and we have a very, deeply, intimate family, so we share a lot.

"They're both seen a lot and been aware of a lot of my goals. And my husband is, I’ve always said, he is rock solid. And he'll be there, like just an incredible love and support to me, as I hope I give to him as well, because he's got a massive career and it's just in a very different field. He makes music."