Laura Linney has branded reality TV “very odd” and a “bizarre pastime”.

Laura Linney has branded reality TV ‘very odd’ and a ‘bizarre pastime‘

Laura Linney has branded reality TV ‘very odd’ and a ‘bizarre pastime‘

The Oscar-nominee, 59, who played the wife of Jim Carrey’s character in 1998’s television satire ‘The Truman Show’, added people now aren’t “self-conscious” about being on camera.

She told Parade magazine: “Reality television is now a huge, huge, huge thing and there is something very odd about it.

“The difference, of course, (between it and ‘The Truman Show’) is that people aren’t self-conscious about being on camera.

“Truman didn’t know the camera was on him. It was almost like Candid Camera, so you were seeing real behaviour.

“Now it’s turned into a whole bizarre pastime.”

Laura also revealed how she called her ‘Truman Show’ co-star Ed Harris, 72, to joke about how he landed his Oscar nomination for his brief role in the film as a TV boss who imprisoned Truman in a TV bubble.

She said: “We got nominations! Ed Harris was nominated for an Oscar and I remember calling him on the phone and was like, ‘You son of a b****. You show up for five days and you got nominated!’

“Our director, Peter Weir, was nominated as well, and he invited me to go with him (to the Oscars) because his wife was unavailable. It was one of the first times I attended.”

Laura also told Parade she has her own “spiritual foundation”.

Her latest film is ‘The Miracle Club’, which tells of a group of working-class women from Dublin journeying to Lourdes.

When asked if she believes in a higher power like the movie’s characters, Laura – who has a son with her drug counsellor husband of 14 years Marc Schauer – said: “I think I have my own spiritual foundation. And life is surprising.

“You know, things do happen that you never think will ever happen. Regardless of your religious mindset, there are undeniable things that happen in life that take your breath away.”