Olivia Munn felt a "sense of healing" when John Mulaney joked about her pregnancy.

Olivia Munn found comfort through humour

Olivia Munn found comfort through humour

The 41-year-old actress has opened up about her relationship with the 39-year-old comedian, who has made a quip during his stand-up routine about getting "mixed reviews" when he tells people that he's becoming a dad.

She told the Los Angeles Times: "He's so funny, and he's so articulate, and he's so smart. The first time he made that joke, I remember laughing.

"I'd be with him on the road, and I would hear him tell this joke, and I did feel a sense of healing with it.

"It's hard to be pregnant for the first time and have anybody say anything besides, like, 'Congratulations.' "

Olivia - who insisted she has decided to "pull back and to not play the game" when it comes to speculation about her relationship - also admitted she is overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming a mother.

She added: "My brain hasn’t been able to settle because it’s just a constant feeling of you’re doing it wrong.

“People tell me the baby will come and then you’ll figure it out. But that doesn’t stop the anxiety I feel right now.”

Meanwhile, the 'Predator' star previously explained how being pregnant has resurfaced her past body insecurities.

She explained: "I was called so many things, that I was too big to be on TV. Then I would start to under-eat, because I would hear those messages and I would try to take that message myself and be like, 'Fine you think I'm … sure call me fat, I'm fat, sure, whatever.’

“I would try to take those things people were calling me, and try to own them myself, but I was struggling behind the scenes.

“Being pregnant has brought up all those feelings, because there is so much of a, 'How am I supposed to do it right?'

“And I know there is no right, I understand that, but it's really hard, especially to have so many images in your face all the time of what truly looks like perfection."

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