Olivia Munn received the "sweetest advice" from Jamie Foxx when she was having man trouble.

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

The 38-year-old actress has revealed that Foxx, 50, is like a "big brother" to her and gave her a big confidence boost with his dating tips when she was "feeling depressed" over a guy at a party.

Speaking on E!'s 'Busy Tonight' with Busy Philipps, Olivia said: "He became a big brother to me immediately. He's been such a great friend."

Without naming anyone, Olivia added: "I was official, but I was waiting for him to say it. But, it wasn't going to happen. I'm on one side of this party and he's on the other side, talking to different girls and stuff, and I'm feeling so depressed. I decided to leave early, and then Jamie stops me and he's like, 'Where are you going? Is he the reason you're leaving?'

"He didn't do anything wrong. I really want him to be my boyfriend, but I don't think that's what he wants. I'm just gonna go home.

"He's [Jamie's] like, 'Go home. I'm going to call you later and if you don't pick up, I'm going to leave you a voicemail!' "

The 'Predator' star swiftly left the bash and went home and received a "sweet" voicemail from Foxx which she listened too "the next morning" telling her to put herself and her career first rather than some guy.

She added: "The next morning, I got a call from Jamie. He left a voicemail and said, 'Did you come out here to be somebody's girlfriend? No! Did you come out here to be somebody's wife? No! Did you come out here just to date this guy? No! Did you come out here to be an actress? Yes!'

"'Don't you ever, let me see you cry about some guy like that ever again! Don't you ever let some other guy make you feel like that ever again!'"

"It was so sweet. He was just so earnest. He was like, 'I never want to see you let any man make you feel that small again."