Rachel Stevens was "consumed" by anxiety during the early years of her pop career.

Rachel Stevens struggled with anxiety during her younger years

Rachel Stevens struggled with anxiety during her younger years

The 46-year-old star shot to fame in the chart-topping group S Club in the late 90s, but Rachel has now admitted to battling insecurities during her younger years.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Rachel shared: "I was strong and driven and fiery and passionate, but I ended up becoming a very dulled-down version of myself because it was: ‘Keep going, put the smile on.’ I look back at interviews and think: ‘Who is that person?’"

Asked about her overriding memories of that period in her life, Rachel replied: "If I’m really honest, the thing that comes to mind is anxiety. I was consumed with it.

"I was nervous all the time. Always worried. Feeling insecure. I just didn’t feel safe."

S Club generated millions during their initial run of success.

Rachel and her bandmates only received a fraction of the money, but she's now philosophical about the situation.

The brunette beauty explained: "It’s a tricky one. We were young, we were 100 miles an hour; here, there and everywhere, so you put your trust in accountants, lawyers. Looking back with what I know now … It was what it was. I don’t look at it in a negative way. We were very lucky to have the opportunity we had."

Rachel has learned some important lessons through the course of her music career.

Asked if the group were paid enough for the work they did, Rachel replied: "I don’t want to go into that. I’m someone who looks at things cup half-full.

"People do things for a reason, and I want to learn and grow from every experience."

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