Sam Claflin says his role in 'Daisy Jones and the Six' helped him develop a "better relationship" with himself after his divorce.

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock divorced in 2019

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock divorced in 2019

The 36-year-old actor's marriage to 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' star Laura Haddock - the mother of his seven-year-old son Pip and five-year-old daughter Margo - was terminated in 2019 after six years.

And the 'Me Before You' star admits he had to adjust to being a father on his own and it helped to be able to relate to his character Billy Dunne - who splits from his wife Camila (Camila Morrone) and welcomes a daughter while battling drug and alcohol addictions - in the Prime Video miniseries and his "fear of abandonment" and "failure".

Speaking to Variety, he said: “I’d been through quite a lot personally at the time.

“I was in a really bad place.”

Sam said of getting to grips with being a father post-divorce: “I think I needed to work out a few kinks in my own life, to figure out who I was as this dad on my own in a house outnumbered by two toddlers. Then this job coming out the back of that was just the most fun, joyous fresh start.”

Sam continued: "I was a husband. I’ve been through marriage and the struggle of juggling work, family life, home and being grounded.

"The obstacles he has to overcome, like becoming a dad and the fear or anxiety that brings, feeling like you might fail. … His fear of failure is something that I can massively relate to — needing to feel approval and the fear of abandonment. I’ve been through this struggle. And I’m sure the struggle will continue.”

Sam found it "therapeutic" and "cathartic" to tell Billy's relatable tale.

He added: “I think my relationship with myself is a lot better than it was.

“Before, I didn’t like who I was or what I had to say. Whereas now, after going through the journey of Billy Dunne, I realise how therapeutic or cathartic it was to tell a story that feels really authentic to me. It allowed me the opportunity to approach life differently.”

At the time of the split, the exes insisted they still had a deep friendship despite going their separate ways.

Sam announced the news in a statement, which read: "Laura and I have decided to legally separate. We will move forward with nothing but love, friendship and a deep respect for one another, whilst we continue to raise our family together. "We won't be commenting on this further. Thank you in advance for your support and respecting our privacy at this time. "Both of us x. (sic)"