Sir Rod Stewart believes in “making the most” of his knighthood.

Sir Rod Stewart was knighted in 2016

Sir Rod Stewart was knighted in 2016

The 79-year-old singer was honoured in 2016 and he takes the title seriously because he wants to use his position to help other people where he can.

He told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “For me, being a knight isn’t about resting on your laurels, it’s about going forward and getting things done.

“I believe in making the most of my knighthood where I can.

“I’m not a religious man. There are too many horrible things happening in the world for me to think there may be a God.

“But my religion is to be good and do good to others.

“That’s the principle I bring my kids up on. To be kind, to love and forgive.”

But despite his lack of religious faith, Rod can’t resist a small prayer of thanks when his beloved Celtic FC are doing well.

He quipped: “Mind you, when Celtic scored their seven-goal win last night, I went, ‘Oh God, thank you.’ “

Both the ‘Maggie May’ singer and his wife, Lady Penny Lancaster, are big fans of King Charles.

Rod said: “Kindness and helping others are so important to him.

“Penny adores him and so do I. I find him to be humble, a gentleman of the first order.”

Rod recently pledged to "start the ball rolling" in an attempt to secure a knighthood for his friend and collaborator Jools Holland.

He told Vulture: "I could start the ball rolling. There’s a committee that you write to. They look at it and make sure he hasn’t been in prison and has paid all of his taxes. We just need a few people. You don’t ask the king. Charles can’t give it to you... We’ll get you that CBE."

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