Snoop Dogg wants to be "friends" with his kids rather than a parent.

Snoop Dogg and Stacey Jackson

Snoop Dogg and Stacey Jackson

The 49-year-old rapper - who has Corde, 26, Cordell, 24, and Cori, 22, with wife Shante Taylor and son Julian, 23, with ex Laurie Holmond - opened up to singer Stacey Jackson when they worked together on her new music video for 'Live It Up: Rebooted', having collaborated on the original track a decade ago.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We literally bonded over parenting! He told me he thinks being 'friends' with his kids - who are roughly around the same age as mine, he actually said 'we must have started at the same time!' - is much easier than being a parent.

"Especially when they get older — there's this kind of respect that you earn for each other.

"And with him being on the road so much and providing for them he wanted to always have a strong, friendly relationship with them and not be the one to come home and be the strict disciplinarian."

Stacey, 52, joked she felt like she was "passively getting stoned" just by being in the same room as Snoop.

She quipped: "Of course this conversation took place while he was smoking the biggest joint I have ever seen in my life and I am convinced I was passively getting stoned just sitting in the room!"

She was grateful that the hip hop legend connected to 'Live It Up', and she revealed he penned his contribution "on the day" they went into the studio.

She added: "I was so lucky that Snoop connected to and respected the meaning of the song which is about it never being too late to live your dreams.

"His rap, which he wrote on the day we recorded says it all... 'drop your purse, let down your hair'. I mean, I took a 15 year hiatus to focus on raising a family.

"So we spoke a lot about our families and also what inspires us as artists especially because we were on very different journeys.

"But we found the commonality and when I told him I was married to my college sweetheart he told me that he was too and she's the "best mama."

When they reconnected for the new video, Stacey even treated the rapper to a bright yellow Snoopy lunchbox which she's had since childhood.

She explained: "I brought him a vintage Snoopy lunchbox I had when I was a kid! He told me he never had such a fancy lunch box - he was lucky to get any lunch in a paper bag!"

Stacey Jackson's new single 'Live It Up' featuring Snoop Dogg is out now.

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