Chaka Khan is constantly trying to "fine-tune" her life.

Chaka Khan is always looking to improve

Chaka Khan is always looking to improve

The 71-year-old singer has revealed that she's always tinkering with different things in her life, in an effort to become "more productive and more helpful".

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, she shared: "I am trying to fine-tune my life, so I am always trying to look at what we can change or fix to be more productive and more helpful.

"I want to be here for a good reason and not to just take up space and breathe in precious air for nothing."

Chaka's career has spanned more than five decades and she's achieved a huge amount of success, winning as many as ten Grammys along the way.

However, the music legend still feels a sense of hopelessness about the world at large.

Asked what makes her feel unhappy, she said: "How hopeless things are looking on this planet. That’s my biggest sorrow. I am mourning the death of this planet already."

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Chaka slammed the music industry for encouraging artists to compete with each other.

The singer - whose real name is Yvette Stevens - told Metro newspaper: "Competition is just horrific and wrong. Right now, we need to start with this thing - which is something with each other.

"These labels and businesses count on who can (do better) - but there is no competition.

"Be honest and faithful to yourself and your self-expression and don't be afraid and don't be competitive."

Chaka has also urged up-and-coming artists to remain true to themselves.

She said: "These days, you just have to be about what your goals are about, and staying true to yourself. That’s a big thing to do."

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