Vanessa Hudgens met her boyfriend through a Zoom meditation group.

Vanessa Hudgens met her boyfriend on Zoom

Vanessa Hudgens met her boyfriend on Zoom

The 32-year-old actress is dating baseball player Cole Tucker and revealed that she met him at the height of the pandemic on the video-conferencing platform.

Vanessa told 'The View': "We met over a Zoom meditation group. He did slide into my DMs first."

The actress didn't actually realise that Cole was a sports star at the beginning.

She said: "I saw him on Zoom and I didn't realise at first that he was a baseball player.

"Every time he talked I was talking over him. I love that."

Vanessa stars as Karessa Johnson in 'Tick, Tick... Boom!' and described the movie – which has been directed by 'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and is based on the musical of the same name by Jonathan Larson – as a "love letter to musical theatre".

She said: "Jonathan Larson was a revolutionary musical theatre writer. He did something brand new for a generation that hasn't seen character like in 'Rent' before. Lin is our generation's equivalent and it was wonderful to see these two come together in this love letter to musical theatre."

Jonathan is credited for including LBTGQ+ characters in his work before it became mainstream, and Vanessa noticed similarities between the character and some of her own friends.

She explained: "Representation is everything. And I look at my group of friends and how much 'Rent' has inspired them. I have friends who are struggling artists who are trying to figure out how to pursue their dreams and pay the bills.

"And I have people who haven't been accepted their whole lives because their family don't accept them for being gay."

Vanessa also confessed that she wouldn't want to return to the 'High School Musical' franchise as she wouldn't want to ruin the legacy of the series.

The star said: "I think it's such a special thing that we all hold so near and dear to our hearts. I wouldn't want to mess with that, it was literally half my life ago."