Dame Hilary Mantel has died at the age of 70.

Dame Hilary Mantel has passed away at the age of 70

Dame Hilary Mantel has passed away at the age of 70

The acclaimed author - who was best known for her 'Wolf Hall' book series - passed away "suddenly yet peacefully" on Thursday (22.09.22).

A statement from her literary agents and publisher read: "It is with great sadness that A.M. Heath and HarperCollins announce that best-selling author Dame Hilary Mantel DBE died suddenly yet peacefully yesterday, surrounded by close family and friends, aged 70.

"Hilary Mantel was one of the greatest English novelists of this century and her beloved works are considered modern classics.

"She will be greatly missed."

The award-winning author actually studied law at the London School of Economics and Sheffield University. However, her writing career took off in the 1980s, when she released her debut novel, 'Every Day is Mother's Day'.

Mantel subsequently wrote a series of acclaimed books, including 'Vacant Possession', 'Eight Months on Ghazzah Street', and 'Fludd', as well as numerous short story collections.

However, she is best-remembered for her 2009 novel 'Wolf Hall', which won her two Booker Prizes.

The novel - which was turned into a six-part series for the BBC - is a fictional account of Thomas Cromwell's rise to power in England in the 16th century.

Mantel admitted in 2020 that she had the idea for 'Wolf Hall' before she was ever published.

She explained: "As soon as I started writing, I knew this was what I’d been working towards, that confidence right at the beginning of having arrived where I should be."

The author also confessed to loving her work - even though she craved some time off.

She said: "I could remake myself. And I would then be ready to go with all sorts of things. I’ve always known, even with my physical health, that it takes very little time for me to be sorted out and on the go again. I’m very sort of bouncy in that way."