Hollywood's Hilary Duff star of the film 'Material Girls' Femalefirst caught up with Hilary who managed to spare some time in her hectic schedule for a quick chat about the film and the fact her co-star was her sister Haylie, and as if that wasn't enough Mom was also invloved in the movie.Hilary reveals how it was to work with her mom and sister, sibling rivalry, as well as her music career, her 'slim' controversy, and how she keeps herself firmly on the ground...

What was it like working with you sister and your mum on your latest film.....Was there any sibling rivalry or any arguments
We had fun. It was cool to work with my best friend everyday. We don't have any sibling rivalries. I get mad at her because she wears my clothes without asking and vice versa, but that’s about it.
What was the best thing about working on your latest album
The best thing was I had the opportunity to write it. Most of it came from a real place that is very close to what I go through or have gone through. Actually, I began to feel better and it was cool to see how everything came out.
Now both sides of your career have proven successful are you ever torn between music and acting
Never torn. There will always be new movies and new music to do. Come on, we have 365 days in a year. I like to stay busy and pursue both.
Should we be looking forward to more music and films from yourself soon
Absolutely! My sister and I just wrote a song, my album just came out and I am extremely busy right now getting ready for my worldwide tour. More music will come soon.
If you could duet with any singer who would it be
Probably my sister. We have fun together and she is a great singer.

What inspired you to launch your very own fragrance
Elizabeth Arden came and asked me, and I couldn't resist. I love the way it smells and the whole packaging of it. We were intrinsically involved from beginning to end. It was a wonderful learning experience. I have a new found respect for perfumers.

Do you think that you'll ever consider launching your very own fashion range
Yes, I would love to launch either my new teen line I’ve just started working on or my ‘tween line stuff by hilary duff which is already available in Canada and the States.

What do you think of the other celebrities that are around your age becoming super thin?...Do you think that its because of media pressures that young celebrities go to these lengths? You voiced the view that constant media harassment had an effect on your health
I only can speak for me. I am happy with who I am and what I do. Therefore, I try to keep a balanced diet, exercise daily and drink lots of water.

Again on a similar subject with all the recent press regarding other celebrities concerning there addictions, party lifestyle and periods in rehab how do you manage to keep yourself on the ground and avoid these pitfalls
. I just try to be who I am. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I go out with my friends and have a good time. Remember, too much of anything is bad for you.

Is there a man in your life at the moment
I'm working and on tour right now, so I’m too busy.

Is it true that you carry around Swarovski-studded pepper sprayers called the Defender from Pepperface?.... If yes have you ever had to use it
No, I keep it in my car in case I get to my car and someone tries something. Luckily, I haven't had to use it yet.

Material Girl is released Monday 9th July

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