Will Best has been working on T4 for over a year now

Will Best has been working on T4 for over a year now

Do you want to tell those who have been living under a rock what T4 On The Beach is all about?

T4 On The Beach is about 45,000 people getting together on the beautiful beach of Weston-super-Mare and celebrating all things great about British pop basically and all things great about T4. You can expect amazing performances from some of the biggest acts in the UK at the moment like The Wanted, Rita Ora, Tulisa, all those sorts of characters.

Then, interspersed with that all sorts of ridiculous T4-style games. It's a lot of fun.

What sort of games have you got planned?

We actually had a bit of a meeting about it the other day, there's going to be a lot. Expect catapults, popstars flying things into the crowd, an agility course, bursting balloons with each other's chest - that kind of stuff.

Who are you personally looking forward to seeing, because there is a huge roster of people going to be there.

I would have to say Labrinth, it's amazing watching him live because he has about four or five instruments on the go that he is actually playing. He's just running around the stage, one minute he's on the guitar, the next minute he's on the keyboard, then he's playing the drums. A song like Earthquake in front of 45,000 people is going to be absolutely amazing.

Some of the Made in Chelsea cast are making an appearance at the event, what do you have planned for them?

The usual really, there's going to be a whole area with the cast of Made in Chelsea, some from Coronation Street, Hollyoaks all of that kind of thing. I think Jameela Jamil is doing something with them involving smelling each other's feet which have been dipped in different sweet substances. They might even be eating off each other's feet, so it's going to be pretty nice for them.

What makes T4 On The Beach different to other music events that are taking place during the summer?

I think that the line of music is so, I don't think there is anyone who isn't absolutely at the top of their game. All the people that are coming have huge fan bases across the country. The fact that it's all done with some T4 madness is great too, everyone knows that we're very fun and silly and we take the 'mick' out of ourselves and the pop stars. It feels like a party rather than just a concert, with proper party games. And it's our 10th Birthday, so it's a birthday party this year. It's going to be awesome.

Like you said it's the 10th Birthday this year, what special things do you have going on because of this?

Well, there may be some old presenters - well, old is the wrong word, they're still very young and attractive - but, some old school presenters making a return and then that games element - parlour games that you play at birthday parties, I think there's going to be some of them but on a huge scale involving some big acts and I think there might be a giant birthday cake. The world's largest birthday cake.... I've made that up, there won't be a giant birthday cake, but that would be nice, maybe I'll make one.

The event is also broadcast on Channel 4, but why should people be there in person instead?

There's so much going on, for a start there are multiple stages and we can't broadcast from both stages at the same time. There's a smaller showcase stage and then the main stage. If you're watching it at home, you're not on a beach and that's a good place to be on a summer's weekend. The weather might hold, it's supposed to be really hot on Saturday and that will hopefully hold on till Sunday. And let's not forget the atmosphere. Unless you can fit 45,000 people into your living room and get them all to scream at the same time it's just not going to be quite the same.

You've been with T4 for over a year now, what's it like working for them?

It's been awesome. It feels like we're all just mates that hang out together and just do fun, silly things every week. It's a dream come true. I was always a fan of T4 growing up, especially through university, watching Steve and Miquita so to do just be doing this as a job, and going to T4 On The Beach as part of that, I never thought that I would do that.

What's been a highlight from the past year then?

So, so many.... I think that the highlights are most probably the times where I have laughed the most. Matt and I did an interview with Dynamo, where we both just completely disolved into uncontrollable hysterics. You find yourself doing such bizarre stuff, like just a couple of weekends ago I was playing a game with The Wanted where we were pretending to be on a road trip in America and we were all sat on these chairs in a fake car and I was just looking around at the guys and thinking 'is this my job?!'.

You've spoken to and interviewed some pretty huge players in the entertainment industry, who was you most excited to talk to?

Probably Britney Spears, because the first junket that I did, I'd never done that before were you go in and interview one person after the other, it was the first junket I ever did and it was one of the first interviews that I did for weekend T4 and it was Britney Spears. It was more a thing of 'I'm going to meet Britney Spears'. So I was most excited about that, and nervous. She was the most strange lady.

Who would you like to interview?

I just want to meet people that are really funny, people that I can bounce off. One of the most fun interviews I've done is with this guy Alex Clare who is just sort of emerging, and that was the most fun. He's the nicest guy in the world and it was just like talking to a mate. It would probably be someone not that famous, who I think would be funny - I'm just not exactly sure who that is.

What other music events are you and T4 going to be at this summer?

We're, T4 going to be at V Festival again, and hopefully I might go to Wireless, Latitude, it just depends - I can't really plan that far in advance because I might have to work at them. If it was up to me, I'd work at all of the festivals.

You've got an exciting project coming up with Cut Films, according to your Twitter. Can you tell us anything about that?

That is actually an anti-smoking campaign, it's basically getting young people to make their own anti-smoking videos and they'll be judged by top industry people in the world of film and TV. It's such a great thing to be involved in, not only for health reasons but to encourage young people to do something creative.

It's so important to have that creative outlet, where you can be like 'I've made something'.

What other things have you got coming up then?

I'm working on a show called The Crush, which is ongoing on 4 Music - it keeps on getting better and better every month, it's a monthly music show with guest pop presenters. I've been doing a show called The LoveShaft, it's a dating show set in a lift which has gone really well and I've been told that it's exceeded expectations in terms of viewing figures, it's got more and more every week. So maybe we could be seeing more LoveShaft. Then just working on other projects, I'm always writing things, trying to work on my own ideas and script ideas so lots of that kind of thing. Then hopefully more dressing up on television for T4. 

T4 On The Beach takes place on Sunday 1st July in Weston-super-Mare. Tickets are on sale now. Visit www.channel4.com/t4

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