We chatted to the former England goalkeeper about his campaign to get young families out and playing football more as well as what he thinks about the Womens game and how its reputation has improved in recent years. 

David Seaman

David Seaman

- How do you think women’s football has grown in recent years?

It’s been growing and growing which is great to see. I’ve seen the development from close up with the Arsenal ladies team. The women’s game continues to get bigger and better.

- What tips do you have for young female footballers who want to get more involved in the game?

I’ve done some coaching with the Arsenal Ladies and they are a talented squad.

We just need to see women getting out there and giving it go, be it simply for pleasure or to progress through the ranks.

- What more could be done to help women’s football grow even more moving forward?

Like a lot of sports, improved and more coaches and better facilities will always help.

Also, a higher profile will assist. But the women’s game is already moving in the right direction.

- Do your daughters have any desire to become involved in football?

She enjoys watching football, but is not so much a player. She likes her hockey and is a very good runner.

- Do you think women’s football can be as popular as the men’s game?

I think realistically this is not really possible for various reasons; one being there just isn’t the same level of funding in the women’s game.

- Do you think freestylers like Laura Biondo are important in the development of the women’s game?

Laura is a fantastic sportsperson and it was great to meet her.

Her skills are impressive and no doubt, she will inspire others to get out there and give the game a try.

- What was it like working with Laura on the recent Babybel video you recorded?

A lot of fun. She can do things with a ball that many of us can only dream of!

- What did you think of Laura’s skills and her achievements?

She’s a hard worker and has a fantastic set of skills.

- Can you tell us more about the campaign?

This summer Mini Babybel are offering the chance for people to win one of 15,000 free mini-footballs through an exciting on-pack promotion.

We want families to get out and play football and be inspired by Laura’s skills.

- What do you hope giving away the mini footballs will achieve?

Put a smile of peoples’ faces and get them out into the park for a kick about.

David Seaman and top female freestyler Laura Biondo, are working with Mini Babybel this summer, offering people the chance to win one of 15,000 free mini-footballs through their exciting on-pack promotion.

Former England international David is encouraging families to get out and play football and be inspired by the skills demonstrated by Laura in the latest Babybel video. For more information and to watch the video please visit: www.babybel.co.uk

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