Diversity Will Tour With 'Limitless'

Diversity Will Tour With 'Limitless'

Diversity are one of the biggest dance groups in the world, and shot to stardom after beating Susan Boyle for the 'Britain's Got Talent' title back in 2009.

Now, with two extremely successful tours under their belt, performances at the Royal Variety Show and bags of awards, the troupe are once again hitting the road for what promises to be one of the most spectacular dance shows to date.

We got the chance to chat with one of Diversity's youngest members Perri Kiely about the tour, life since Britain's Got Talent and upcoming Sky 1 show 'Ashley Banjo's Big Town Dance'.

What can we expect from the upcoming arena tour, 'Limitless'?

Our arena tour is the third chapter of our previous tours. So, we have had 'Diversitoys', where we were trapped as toys and we had to find some plans which was a gaming programme. The second tour we were trapped in that game and now this tour, we are free from that game and now we have superpowers.

What challenges do you face when you're coming up with the tour?

All different things - we have to choose what we wanna do - we know we want to bring goodness to the world and stuff so we try to experiment. We've got super powers and stuff so it's gonna be pretty epic - it's gonna be really cool.

So how long has this tour been in the making?

Ashley (Banjo) choreographs everything so as soon as he thinks of the first tour he's already thinking of the third tour, so he knows what he wants to do. We're constantly training stuff for that but we never know what's really gonna happen.

What is it like working everyone's schedule with there being so many of you in the group?

Well, we're together most days anyway so we're like a massive family. Whether we're training at the studio or going out watching a movie, or eating or whatever - we're always together.

What process do you go through when creating the tour?

I would say we're at the studio most days - every day actually - from about 12-o-clock until whenever. We've been here from 12 until three in the morning before - we're always non-stop - we're always working really hard.

How do you fit your personal life around that?

This is my personal life - this is what I do full-time.

With the show promising to feature some special guests, can you give us any names or hints as to who they may be?

We've got Boudicca who was in our last show but that is the only thing I'm gonna give because I'll get told off if I give anymore information!

How would you say the last four years since winning 'Britain's Got Talent' have changed your life?

It's been a complete rollercoaster you never know what's gonna happen. One minute I was in school, next minute I was in a dance crew, then we won 'Britain's Got Talent'! Now we're travelling the world and travelling the country touring - it's absolutely crazy - I was not expecting it at all.

What can we expect from Diversity going forward aside from the tour - any other projects?

There's loads of different stuff actually. We've got a new programme coming out called 'Ashley Banjo's Big Town Dance'. We went up to Stockton-on-Tees and we literally taught a whole town how to dance so that should be really cool. It's gonna be on Sky 1.

What would you say is the defining moment in your career so far?

We've done so much, but on our last tour we walked out to a sold-out O2 Arena so it's absolutely crazy - walking out and seeing all those fans there for you. It is an amazing feeling.

Have you got a message for those fans?

We love you, you're the best and thanks for the support!

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