What can audiences expect from your new show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year?

A startling and important insight into what it takes to be a man in 2018, examined through the prism of existentialist theory and post colonialist art. But if I can’t work out how to do that it will probably be a load of jokes about my life.

Ed Gamble

Ed Gamble

Who are you looking forward to watching at the EFF?

Tonnes. Really looking forward to seeing Jordan Brookes, Catherine Bohart, Lazy Susan, Sarah Keyworth, Rosie Jones, Jack Barry, Lolly Adefope, Kiri Pritchard -McLean, Rose Matafeo, Felicity Ward, Matt Forde, Ivo Graham, Nish Kumar….the list is long and I will try and see all of them. I’ve already seen previews from Adam Hess, Sean McLoughlin, Lou Sanders and Steve Bugeja and they are all on brilliant form.

What makes the festival like no other comedy event?

The sheer size and range. It’s amazing for audiences because of the choice, and good for comics because it makes us raise our game to stand out. I moan about going every year but I think I’ve just convinced myself into liking it.

Who were your earliest comedy influences?

Steve Coogan, Rik Mayall & Ade Edmonson, Kathy Burke & Bill Hicks. Basically a series of people who I am in no way like now.

Of all the comedians around today who makes you laugh every time?

There’s loads of people who make me laugh every time, but if you haven’t seen Sean McLoughlin, you must. An exceptional comic and reasonable human.

Can we expect to see you on the next series of Mock the Week?

I have some more in this series coming up in Sept/Oct. As for the next series I guess it depends on whether I do something terrible this series or not.

Please tell us about your first gig.

It was in Wimbledon. I think I had a baseball cap on. I talked about bras.

What’s been the biggest high and low of your career so far?

Many highs and lows. Loved doing the TV show Almost Royal, and countless exciting gigs in cool rooms. Career lows include a prank show where I had to go on a stag night with Antony Costa from Blue.

What tips do you have for other aspiring comedians?

Give up, it’s too busy. And if you insist on continuing - gig your arse off, never stop writing and try to not compare yourself to others. All rules which I break frequently.

What is next for you?

Touring, writing and hopefully more acting. Nothing set in stone though - I have just decided I want to do all those things. Is that how showbusiness works?

Catch Ed Gamble’s brand new show ‘Blizzard’ at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe