Glamorous Mum-to-be Laura Hamilton

Glamorous Mum-to-be Laura Hamilton

Baby shower's are a fabulous idea to celebrate the mum-to-be. The gorgeous Laura Hamilton tells us all about her unique Vintage tea party themed baby shower and all about her future plans. 

(Photo Credit : Lisa Maiklem)

First of all, Congratulations on the pregnancy, Tell us how your experience has been - and was it anything like what you thought it would be?  I've been incredibly lucky with the pregnancy so far. No morning sickness, no cravings and I feel great. I am now approaching 31 weeks so I'm in to my third trimester.  Now I've started to get bigger its becoming harder work carrying the weight around and I do struggle a bit to do up my shoes to get past my growing belly! It really is an incredible experience knowing that a little person is developing in there.

Who have you received the most support from? My husband Alex is incredibly supportive with everything, from my career, to the baby, and out growing family.  I know he will be fantastic when I go in to labour because he keeps so calm about everything and always looks after me.  I'm lucky in have supportive parents and in laws too.  They will be helping lots next year and coming abroad with me to look after the baby when I'm filming 'A Place in the Sun'. 

You have recently had a fabulous Vintage baby shower - Tell us what planning went behind that? Haley Obrien my oldest school friend organised everything. She was fantastic and there wasn't one thing she hadn't thought about.  It was a vintage tea party theme and guests were treated to a bit of pampering from The Beauty Boutique in Banstead and could choose a manicure, pedicure or massage.  They could enjoy freshly made candy floss and popcorn throughout the afternoon supplied by 'SweetnSimple' and Shloer, Prosecco and tea which were on tap all day.  Vintage tea party music played in the background, the tea and cakes were delicious and my extremely talented Mum made the most amazing cake. After playing a few games, the afternoon finished up at 430pm and the guests took home a goody bag with some of my favourite things from the vintage cosmetic company.  It was the perfect afternoon and lovely to see so many of my friends and family.


What were your favourite gifts you received on the day? One of my celeb friends me a set if Beatrix Potter books which are gorgeous.  Another friend's husband made a cute little bench and my stylist Zoe bought the baby a very trendy little baby grow. I didn't expect presents I just wanted everyone to come and have a nice afternoon.

What kind of games and activities did your guests play at the baby shower?  The guests played guess the baby food game.  They also had to put together a puzzle of a baby photograph and guess who it was (it was my husband Alex) and they have all taken a guess as to how much the baby will weigh and it's sex.  The guests that won the games each won a candle from The Ultimate Baby Shower Company. 


Who would you say was the life and soul of the party?  I don't think anyone was the life and soul of the party. I had a few celeb friends in attendance, as well as other friends and family and I think they all had a lovely time. 


Is there any advice that you can give to first time mums? I'm doing a lot of research on lots of things at the moment with regards to being a first time mum and I blog about it every week on Hello! Magazine's website.  I think the biggest tip of all is that everyone will have an opinion and ultimately you have to do what is best for you and your baby.



So during the course of your pregnancy so far have you had any weird cravings? Nothing at all. I was expecting too and was surprised I haven't. 


There's a lot of adjusting to do when you are pregnant, mind, body and attitude. Is there anything you miss from your pre-pregnant days? I'm embracing every minute of my pregnancy and looking forward to our new arrival. Of course things are going to be different to pre-pregnancy days but everyone says things change for the better! 


Have you and Alex decided on any baby names? Yes we have one for a boy and one for a girl but we are keeping them secret because everyone always has an opinion and as long as we like them, that's all that matters.   


What does the rest of 2013 and the new year of 2014 look like for you? I'm in Barbados at the moment and abroad until the end of September filming A Place in the Sun.  I might have another new project on the horizon in October.  I have a new show coming out in the autumn called Beat my Build and series 4 of Fort Boyard will be on ITV before Christmas. In 2014 I will be filming more of A Place in the Sun as well as a few other projects. 

All photos in this article are taken by Lisa Maiklem.

Written by Saima Omar - @Lookitssaima

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