Pixie Lotts has collaborated with LEGO to launch their new LEGO DOTS
Pixie Lotts has collaborated with LEGO to launch their new LEGO DOTS

Being busy helping nurture the talent of some incredible young performers on The Voice Kids hasn't stopped Pixie Lott having fun, as the songstress recently collaborated with The LEGO Group for the launch of their first arts and crafts product, LEGO DOTS.

Arts and crafts are all the rage right now, and families are now being offered the new LEGO DOTS range as a creative canvas for self-expression, using the 2D tiles to create and design their own bracelets and home décor pieces, with endless possibilities.

We caught up with Pixie in lockdown to find out a little bit more about her love for LEGO DOTS, as well as whether she’s got new music on the horizon and more...

Could you tell me a little bit about your involvement with LEGO DOTS this year?

Yeah! So, it’s been amazing because obviously a lot of us have been spending lots of time at home, taking on new, crafty hobbies so it’s been the perfect time to get stuck in and get creative.

I’ve loved it, I’ve made friendship LEGO DOTS bracelets for my friends to put little smiles on their faces; I’ve made the Creative Picture Frames for my Dad; I’ve got a little DOTS Rainbow Jewellery Stand that I made that’s next to my bed. It’s just been really fun. I love anything like that, like arts and crafts and I’ve always loved LEGO.

The great thing about the LEGO DOTS products are that they are completely customisable and there’s endless possibilities. The products allow you to swap the DOTS tiles and colours around to help you express your personality and creativity, so I’ve just really, really enjoyed getting creative with them.

As you mentioned, it’s more important than ever for people to get creative with the ongoing pandemic and lockdown…

Yeah and I’m a big believer in young people getting creative and expressing themselves creatively. It’s something I’ve always done since I was young and still do now, so I just think it’s a really important thing for kids to have the freedom to do. Especially at the moment when we’re all spending so much time at home – doing something creative can be a bit of an outlet!

I know that kids and young people love LEGO so much and I am wowed when I see people creating and building some amazing LEGO castles and fun LEGO DOTS designs on Instagram.

The reason I love LEGO DOTS is that they’re such a fun new way to use LEGO, especially if you love designing, which I do. I think the beauty of the products is that you can continue to build and re-build – changing the creation every day to reflect your mood or style - so I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to get creative!

It’s such a family brand as well, where everybody can get involved…

Exactly! Adults love it too, so it is the perfect family activity to do together and everyone can create something super unique to fit their personality.

How else have you been keeping busy during lockdown and spending more time at home?

I have been doing my house stuff - I’ve lived in this flat for 10 years and I’ve not really been in the house for this amount of time, so I’ve actually hung my pictures up on the wall that have just been leaning against the side and put my photos in my LEGO DOTS picture frames; I’ve actually for the first time made a little something out of my terrace area, which was completely empty and we never really used. Now we’ve got a little sofa out there, I made a little makeshift bar which I called The Crab Shack, I’ve got little twinkly lights, so house bits and bobs!

Also songwriting as well. I’ve been finishing up some songs that I started writing before lockdown, as well as starting some new ones, and also I’ve been singing in the shower - I did a little shower series on my Instagram - just because before lockdown I asked ‘What would you guys like to see me do during this time in lockdown?’ and they said sing! So I just started to take requests from people and spent my time in the shower!

With these new songs you’ve been writing, will be hearing any new music soon or is it still just an ongoing process right now?

We’re still finishing up, but we’re very close, so hopefully soon! I’m very excited about it. I don’t have any dates or anything yet but it will hopefully be soon.

We’ve seen you return to The Voice Kids over the past few weeks; what was it like to return to the show this year?

Oh I love it, I really do. I’m so happy to be part of the show because it’s just so warm and the kids are incredible; I can’t believe it’s our fourth year, and they still are finding all these massively-talented kids! I don’t know where they find them, but it’s been amazing.

We started the blind auditions in September (2019), so it’s fun to watch them back now and remember them and remind ourselves of what happened. Luckily, we filmed everything right up until the Semi Finals. Literally, the day before gatherings were banned, we got most of it in the can!

They’re so amazing at the Blinds and then you pitch for them to be on your team, then as the competition goes on, because they’re so young they’re like sponges, so to see how their journey and how much they learn and improve over such a short space of time is really amazing.

Paloma Faith joined the coaches this year, so what’s it been like having her by your side?

Oh she’s brilliant. She’s just got so much energy and she’s so fun. She’s the perfect addition to the coach line-up. We’ve had a great time really. The show is all about the kids and they just bring out the big kids in us really, and we just have a laugh.

The LEGO Group is encouraging fans to #DotYourWorld and share their creative creations online. The full range of DOTS products is available in-store and on lego.com.

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