Blogger. Designer. Fashionista. Rosie Fortescue ticks all of these boxes. She is the owner of the beautiful Rosie Fortescue jewellery which has a many collections of specially designed pieces. She is also a very successful blogger both on instagram and her own personal blog. In which she is a huge influencer of fashion, giving the latest tips and tricks and helping others to get that perfect look. As well as all of these amazing attributes, she is involved in the Huawei Spark a Renaissance competition. In this challenge competitors have the chance to show off their excellent photography skills and win a new Huawei P20 pro and a trip to Florence.

Rosie Fortescue chats with Female First

Rosie Fortescue chats with Female First

Rosie has a very unique jewellery line which has a statement pattern. The zig zag. This pattern come in rings and a back of the hand jewellery pieces. When asked what inspired such an unusual pattern Rosie told me ‘It was inspired by a heartbeat’. The pieces jewellery come in many different colour such as rose gold, white, yellow gold and multi coloured. Rosie is never seen on instagram without her signature pieces. Rosie also revealed that her favourite piece of jewellery to wear is the ‘tight chain necklace’ which she confessed she hasn’t been able ‘to take off for months’.  She is also planning on a collaboration with one of her best friends and designing some new body chains and ear cuffs in the future. I can’t wait to see what exciting pieces of jewellery she comes up with next.

Throughout her Instagram Rosie seems to have a love of travel. After many hours scrolling through her beautifully laid out page. It is clear to see she puts in a lot of time and effort on her Instagram and her blog, not to mention all the hard work she puts into her jewellery line. Rosie told me of all the extra hours she has had to work to make sure that her business is always on the top of its game. She admitted she ‘had to stay until 8:30 on weeknights and her business is the reason why she works weekends’. She has such a passion for her business and it is one of the reason why it is so successful.

One tip she had was that ‘a girl should never leave the house without a watch as to avoid being late’. She also had some advice for beginner bloggers. ‘Commitment’. She said ‘you have to have 100% commitment if you really want it to be successful’ hard work and perseverance will  help along the way after all nothing hard comes easy. After all she did begin her blog 8 years ago which shows the dedication she has to something she loves.

Rosie divulged that she is taking a few more trips abroad this year, one of which will be Florence with Huawei to meet the competition winners. The Huawei competition is a great opportunity to join in on as it showcases many peoples talents. Roise told us the ins and outs of the competition, it is judge by Artifical Intelligence and is spread all across Europe, however there can only be 10 winners. The aim of the competition is to capture a moment in time there are 5 different categories so there is something for everybody. Rosie told us about her moment in time ‘I was on holiday with my parents and the picture is me twirling in a dress with the sun shining’ a happy photo and one that tells a story. She was very excited to collaborate with Huawei for this challenge as she confessed how amazing the camera on the P20 Pro was and how photography is such a big part of her life.

By Fionnuala McNulty

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