Broadcaster, presenter and household name Sara Cox, is working with Jakemans to help keep her voice in check this winter, so sore throats and coughs don't get in the way of her busy schedule at work and at home, as mum to her three children.


1. Tell us what you are currently working on?

I'm currently working on Sounds of the 80's on Radio 2 each Saturday night alongside presenting The Great Pottery Throw Down. I'm also the official cover for the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2, which hopefully will be more regular as he is so busy with Top Gear and other work. The breakfast show is obviously massive so it is nice to do.

2. How / why is it important for you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I just like feeling good; I love the gym, I love running, I've taken riding lessons - I've got three kids, so I have a good reason to keep fit and stay healthy. Although I'm not an angel and I do love eating well!

3. Everyone suffers from sore throats... have you ever lost your voice?

I have lost my voice quite a bit which isn't great especially when you're on the radio as it's obviously quite a key part. Sometimes it's self-inflicted, like going to Glastonbury, and other times it's when I am a little bit run down.

I try to look after my voice. I am very aware that if I am going to be doing a voice over the next day or on the radio, not to go out to a really noisy place or shout. The only time I really shout is at the children now! I also don't smoke any more, and I don't drink a great deal. I find that helps to look after your voice a little bit.

I've got quite a deep voice anyway so I can get away with it being a bit gravelly which is good for the radio if people are listening to you.

4. What are your top tips for keeping healthy?

I do like my little smoothie in the morning with a bit of spinach, a bit of Manuka honey and some frozen fruit. Again, I think sleep is really important, as well as eating well.

5. You say you feel fitter healthier and more confident with age, is there any reason and what helps you promote this?

I just feel very healthy, fit and strong, rather than concentrating on being skinny. I also think getting to 40 it is a really big deal for lots of people, especially women. I find it quite sexist because you don't really hear that much about Ant and Dec turning 40 or Dermot turning 40, but it is made out to be such a big deal for woman. I got asked so much about it in the lead up to my 40th that it gave me a sense of doom. If I wasn't so happy with my career and family, then getting older would have been totally different. As long as you're healthy and happy that's all that really matters.

6. What are the three health supplements you couldn't live without?

I eat a lot of Spinach if that counts! I really like the flavour of it so I am quite lucky.


7. You often cover the early breakfast radio slot…how do you manage to sound so cheery in the morning?!

I don't know! It's weird, maybe because it's easier being on the radio rather than doing the school run! People treat me really nicely and bring me coffee! At home I am the waitress looking after unhappy customers.

I think I am quite a morning person naturally, I think it may be breakfast radio that has made me be like that. I quite like getting up early no matter what time my alarm goes off, within minutes I have that little tickle of adrenaline and bit of a buzz about the fact I'm going to be on live radio in front of millions of people.

8. As a presenter, it's important to keep your voice sounding good at all times, what's your secret?

Throat and cough sweets. I always have a pack of Jakemans in my handbag, I love the Honey & Lemon flavour and find it eases any tickles to help keep my voice in check. The kids love them too, and as they have no artificial colours or flavours, I don't worry about giving them one to soothe their throat.

I guess it's also being aware of how you use your voice and not screaming and shouting or being over the top with it.


9. It must be difficult to juggle work and family life. What advice do you have for busy working mums?

All mums just muddle through and are incredibly grateful of grandparents that live close by. I am lucky I have my step mother-in-law that lives around the corner.

10. How do you try and promote a healthy life for you and your children?

They sometimes have a sip of smoothie. We also have green bean races where you have to eat the green beans with your hands behind your back, and race to eat the entire green bean first. Lots of fun in our house - and also means we eat lots of green beans!

11. Are there any old medicinal traditions your parents used to tell you that you still do and use on your children?

My mum's broth was gorgeous which always made me feel better, but only me and my little one will eat it. The other two and my husband won't touch it!

About Jakemans

Jakemans was established in 1907 and there is little they don't know about creating delicious menthol confectionery - given they've been doing it for over 100 years. They continue to invest in technologically advanced equipment ensuring their menthol confectionery remains the best in Britain.

The current Jakemans range includes Throat & Chest and Honey & Lemon in 10 sweet stick packs and the following flavours in traditional 100g bags; Throat and Chest, Honey & Lemon, Cherry, Peppermint, Blackcurrant, Menthol & Eucalyptus and Blueberry.

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