Stooshe performed at this year's Clothes Show Live

Stooshe performed at this year's Clothes Show Live

How excited were you to be at the Clothes Show Live?

Very excited, last year we came, but this year was amazing because we were actually performing. It’s just amazing because there are so many stalls and so many bargains that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

What was you doing here last year?

We were here with Alcatel last year, meeting some fans, doing some interviews and stuff. We were just here and didn’t perform so it’s a completely different ballgame this year.

We’re counting down the minutes till we can go shopping though.

What’s going on with your music at the minute then?

We’re just working on our second album right now, it’s the right time for us to explore different sounds. We’re having a bit of a break right now, and we’ll be back soon next year with new music for you guys.

Do you have any sort of idea when the album is going to be coming out?

We’ll have a single by March.

I read that you’re thinking of going to America…

Well we went to LA in August, which was amazing. And thanks to that trip hopefully we’ll be going back next year.

You’ve supported some huge names on tour, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez, how was that for you?

You know what we’ve had a really could string of events and stuff that we’ve been able to do and touring with Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez are two of the really big things in our career and both ladies are absolutely lovely. We spent more time with JLO because we were on the road and we’ve been able to get some life-long friends out of her team and even people close to her, so that’s just amazing. It’s been a really good opportunity and experience for us.

Thoughts on a solo tour?

We done a Christmas tour of our last album last year and we want to do another small tour, maybe just a few dates. We need to work out what cities we want to do first, then maybe a few songs off the new album and some off the old album to kind of ease people in and then a proper tour of the new album at the end of the year again.

What about festivals? Have you started to think about them for 2014?

Hopefully when our single comes out next year we’ll be asked to do them, because we done them this year and it was such a good experience, it was a lot of fun. And there’s not much to do around the summer other than festivals really, so we’d love to do them again.

How do you strike the balance between dressing as a band and expressing your own personal style?

Trust me, we’d had a lot of hiccups and faux pas in the past, only now really are we coming to grasp and coming to terms with how we want to be dressing. We just make sure that we’re linking in some way, whether it’s a certain colour or something like that, but we’re all very much in one kind of lane with and being individual characters or people should I say we all wear the clothes differently.

We’re very similar, we wear each other’s clothes, and we love each other’s style as a group and individually so I think that’s how it works. We make one kind of collectively.

Have you ever been told to wear something you didn’t want to?

(Collectively) Oh Yeah.

We’ve all been upset at different times and had our own little styling dramas, but now wearing dressing ourselves and we’re all happy. So any mistakes we make are our own fault.

Will you be making any style statements like Lady Gaga? Maybe turning up on stage on a horse?

(Laughs) No, we won’t be doing that. But seriously she is crazy. Who think of entering in on a horse? We think it’s important that you re-brand yourself as an artist. You look at artists like Rihanna every song she puts out she’s a different person. I think it’s important to explore all of the things that you can, and you shouldn’t just stay in one lane, it’s boring.

What will be seeing for you in the next album then?

I think it’s going to be more the type of music that we like to listen to, obviously we love Mo-Town with a mix of house and r’n’b, we love the old school r’n’b lyrics, so you’re going to get a bit more of that. It’s going to be music that you can dance along to in your car and in a club. Hopefully everyone will like it.

It’s come from our heart this album, we’re a lot more in control with this album.

For anyone that’s never been to the Clothes Show Live, why should they?

You should come to the Clothes Show because it shows a whole load of not-just-known brands, but up and coming brands. It’s actually so big and so many things are out there that you don’t even realise and from cosmetics, shoes, so many different things. It’s such a wicked experience because you get to see a load of clothes and even the main show it’s a wicked, good event. 

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