Una Healy

Una Healy

- Hi Una! You have teamed up with Fisher-Price to launch the brand new look of 'Little People Big Discoveries.' Could you tell us a little more about the campaign?

The campaign is celebrating children finding new discoveries everyday. It could be a new word or the first step they take, so the play set is with that in mind. Aoife-Belle has got her little farm set and will pick up the cow and I say to her "the cow goes 'moo'" and she will go "moooo" back to me. We have an animal farm down the road and when we walk past she will point at the cow and shout "mooo!" She also loves the princess set too.

- Do you think the new look of the toys will encourage parents to buy the new Fisher Price 'Little People Big Discoveries' range?

Yes definitely! I think it's very encouraging to hear another mum, like myself, say how much their children love the toys. I don't like Aoife-Belle watching too much TV, so I'd much rather be with her talking her through the farm animal noises and playing princess characters from the Fisher Price 'Little People Big Discoveries' range and singing along with the music. I'd much rather spend time with her than let her stare at the TV all day. They can take their time playing with the toys too and it keeps them preoccupied.

- You daughter, Aoife-Belle, must be a big fan, as she is at the perfect age to play with these toys?

As this range is designed for children aged 1-3, as they grow, they discover more and know how to play with the characters, but right now she enjoys the music and carries them around everywhere. I love that they are very safe to play with and are very imaginative and colourful.

- Mum's across the UK must be wondering how you manage it all, so, what is your secret to the perfect balance of work and home life?

I just take it all in my stride. Being in a band as a new mum I don't really know anything different. I'm very lucky that I had my mum to help me out for the first 6 months and for anyone who has family and friends support, especially at the beginning when you're a new mum, it's always a great help. I didn't have any experiences with babies, so I was fortunate that I had all the help and advice and my mum was with me all the time. My husband has also been a great support and sometimes, only if I have to, my daughter will come to work with me. There is so much information available for new mums out there so that's always a great help.

- It must have been a struggle at first, to get back into the routine of the band, but also allowing yourself enough time for your family too?

Not long after I had Aoife-Belle the band and I went to LA so my mum came with me to help out. I was very home sick as I had recently just married my husband and I had to leave him behind. We kept in contact via Skype but I still found it really hard being away from him. But it was made easier by having my own little family network with my mum and my daughter and I'm lucky that I could take her with me for a short while.

"Aoife-Belle has got the Fisher-Price little farm set and loves the princess characters."

- You went back to work a few weeks after giving birth. Were you worried that people may criticise you for this?

Well I would never criticise anyone for a decision that they make, any choice they have is theirs alone. Even with the girls I would never force my advice on them as every mother is different, we all do things differently. Personally, I believe you can't judge anyone on how they do things. I don't think anyone would judge me, but if they did, I don't really think they have the right to do that as I would never judge anyone.

- Would you say there is pressure on you, as a parent, being in the public eye?

I don't really know any different, so what I do is what I do. I am so proud of my daughter, just like any new parent would be. I love to hear and read stories about mum's and what they are doing. I enjoy reading feedback off other mums and what they say about being a parent.

- Do you hope that your daughter grows up wanting to be a musician just like yourself?

I'll never force it on her but I'll definitely encourage it if she shows interest in singing. But at the moment she's got a thing for balls, so she may take after her father and be a rugby player! She had an eye on a ball yesterday so we bought it her and she enjoyed throwing and kicking it about and she's only a year and half. If she was a boy then we would definitely be thinking she was going to grow up being a footballer or a rugby player, but we aren't going to be sexist as there are plenty of girls rugby teams which she may well play for.

- You must be sharing all your tips and advice to Rochelle and Mum-to-Be Frankie?

Yes, I'm here all the time for them if they need any advice but all children are different. Rochelle is very capable and knows what she is doing and saw how I got on especially juggling LA and family life. Being in a girl group means we can't take a year or two out, we have to keep working while we can, but at least we know the band can continue and having a child doesn't mean it has to end.

- Any plans to extend the Foden family?

I haven't any plans. I don't think we'll be hearing any sounds of pitter patter any time soon. The next baby is of course Frankie's and we are all excited.

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