Dreaming about a picnic is usually representative of feelings of being carefree and having a good time. Perhaps you are anticipating this in the near future if you are looking forward to a holiday or maybe you crave some time where you feel more comfortable and nothing really matters.

Summer Picnic - Alamy

Summer Picnic - Alamy

On the flipside, it’s possible you are neglecting your responsibilities as a result of being too nonchalant and need to readdress what’s important.

Perhaps you enjoy the simpler things in life and see no need for extravagances. Or you may need to focus more on the little things as opposed to the bigger ones as they will ultimately bring you more happiness.

You may have a very tranquil and joyful domestic life at present and are enjoying it while it lasts. On the other hand, do you wish for your personal life to settle down if you think you’ve been unlucky in love lately or has your relationship undergone a lot of strain?

If you saw a picnic basket alongside your picnic then you may need to share your ideas with others in order to get ahead. Alternatively, do you need to listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions? Remember the process should be a two way street.

If you were eating a picnic with others then you might be experiencing a sense of togetherness with the people closest to you at present. Another viewpoint is that your family would benefit from more unity and you need to be the one to take the lead and initiate activities to help you do to this.

More simply, you may need to spend more time in the outdoors if you have been cooped up lately. A good dose of fresh air might help you to blow away the cobwebs and get a new perspective on things.

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