When you see or eat a shrimp in your dream it's likely your life seems meaningless compared to those around you right now. Maybe your friends and family have experienced events that have overpowered yours and you feel overlooked at present.

Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo

Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo

Alternatively, you may feel like you want to hide from the world and be left alone, either as a result of your perceived insignificance or because you are in a place where you need some ‘me time’.

Another interpretation if you were eating a shrimp is that you feel powerful and superior during your waking hours. Perhaps you have just received a promotion that sees you in a high ranking position or maybe you are brimming with confidence right now and it's making you feel bigger and better than everyone else.

It’s possible this has gone too far and you are becoming arrogant- you may want to take things down a notch or two or you could end up losing allies and embarrassing yourself.

Another thought process is that you desire something small but significant or expensive. Is the dream telling you to lower your expectations? Maybe you live a luxurious lifestyle but don't have the money to support it long term. It may be wise to live within your means so you don't end up in masses of debt. 

Shrimp is often considered to be the 'fruit of the sea'- in other words, it's the tastiest option of all the other fish. To dream about it implies that you have the best of the best and you shouldn't take this for granted. Not everyone can have what you have and you should be grateful.  

Shrimps are also known as the 'cockroaches of the sea' because they feed on the trash within the ocean- while cockroaches eat land waste. With this in mind, to dream of one suggests that you are being fed a load of rubbish in some area of your world. Don't take what people tell you as Gospel, as it could just be made up or simply bad news.  

On the other hand, you may be eating things that are detrimental to your body and your dream is telling you to eat more healthfully or you could end up with long term problems. 

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