The word souffle comes from the French verb meaning ‘to breathe’, so it’s possible you need to take a breather from a situation in your waking life to get some perspective.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Are you feeling suffocated by something or someone right now? If so- you might need to take some time out to revaluate things and decide if you need to distance yourself from this person or issue.

The dream could mean that you need a lift in your life. Perhaps you have been feeling flat lately and you need someone or something to give you the boost you require to feel better. It might be time to get in touch with someone you know will make you happier or embark on something new to inflate your mood.

If the souffle was sunken- it's likely something you thought would give your life more meaning failed to meet your expectations. Perhaps you expected too much from it and need to be more realistic. Maybe you have learned a lesson from this experience- that this avenue isn’t for you. You may now be ready to explore another path.

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Souffles generally drop after about 5-10 minutes so it’s possible you have invested a lot in something that was short lived. The dream could be telling you to put your efforts into things that will bring you satisfaction for a longer duration.

A souffle that was spilling over the sides and top of a ramekin could indicate someone or something stifling your need to be more than you are now. You have outgrown an area of your life and are ready to move onto the next phase.

Souffles can be adapted to make sweet or savoury dishes so if there was a variety of souffles in your dream this could represent the many choices you have in your life right now. It’s possible you are feeling overwhelmed by them or on the other hand you might be feeling blessed by the different options that are available to you at present.

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