To dream about a house depends on which house it was and how you feel about your own house and buildings of this ilk in general.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

To see your own house in your dreamscape could pertain to something that needs to be addressed in your personal life. How is your relationship with the people you live with? Do you have a love/hate relationship with your house because you want to be there but struggle to afford it? 

Again, if you were in your own house, ask yourself- do you have an unhealthy obsession/attachment to it? Perhaps you are placing too much importance on bricks and mortar when there are more important things in life to care about- such as the people in it. While it is nice to keep a beautiful home, it shouldn’t consume all your thoughts and time. 

To see yourself in someone else’s house, could mean you are too preoccupied with how others live their life and need to focus more inwardly. Whether those around you have more or less has little bearing on your own circumstances so better not to compare. You will only feel emptiness if you spend your energy on other people’s affairs. 

If you were in a stranger's house, it’s possible you feel you are on unfamiliar ground right now. Perhaps you have started a new job, are dating someone new or are doing something for the first time like being a parent or travelling solo- whatever it is still doesn’t come naturally to you, but give it time and it will feel more normal. 

Try to recall the state of the house- if it was in disrepair and did indeed belong to you, there may be lots of work to do in your own life right now. Like a house that is a fixer upper- just do one small task at a time and your hard work will start to show. 

A dilapidated house belonging to someone you know, could mean that an offer of help would be welcome if this person has fallen on hard times. There is no need to pry, but a simple act of kindness will go a long way. 

A house in perfect condition might be a warning to you not to be deceived by appearances- the cracks will be there, as they are in any home- even new builds- but the disguise has been expertly crafted to fool you.

If the house in your dream was in the middle of nowhere, you may be feeling a little isolated right now. What can you do to integrate yourself within the social circles you are missing once more? 

On the other hand, a house that is surrounded by others in close proximity could indicate a feeling of overwhelm or that those around you are trying to encroach on your space.   

A house divided implies that you and someone else you live with aren’t seeing eye to eye. Are you struggling to find some common ground when it comes to a major decision? If you cannot meet in the middle- is the relationship destined to last?

Finally, a house made from cards is a hint that things at home are very fragile at present and should be handled delicately. If you don’t approach this with caution, your whole world threatens to fall in an instant. Tread carefully.

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