To dream about a scavenger implies that you are happy to take the scraps that people leave for you- you don’t ask for anything extra. 

STEKLO_KRD / Alamy Stock Photo

STEKLO_KRD / Alamy Stock Photo

Do you believe that this is all you're worth? If so, it’s time for change because you deserve more. If people are giving you the jobs that no one else wants at work, it’s time to speak up or move on. Is your partner taking more than they are giving back in your relationship? If this sounds accurate, they need to step up or find someone else. Do your friends only contact you when they have exhausted all of their other options? If this is familiar, you need new friends. Don’t settle for less in any area of your world. 

On the other hand, perhaps you are the one who dishes out the bare minimum in your relationships, work life and to yourself. While this may seem like the easy way out- it’s not doing you or anyone else any favours, so stop the cycle now before it gets out of control. 

On a more positive note, if you were scavenging in your dream for discarded items, it’s likely you are a very resourceful person and careful with money. While this is an excellent mindset, especially in such financially turbulent times, the dream might be telling you to treat yourself every now and then. Life isn't all about deprivation and cutting back, it is also about enjoyment and having a few extravagances every so often. 

If you are worried about not being able to make ends meet in the near future, this could be why you dreamed of scavenging. Perhaps you believe that this is something you will have to do soon because you won’t be able to afford new things. If this is the case and you are genuinely worried, put plans in place now including new budgets and possible changes in career. Better to do so while you have the option rather than being forced into such changes. 

Scavenging for things to sell in a dream is a hint to you to look at items within your home that you could make some money from. If you have a lot of things you don’t use, it’s time to list some of them and see what you can make, especially if you are worried about a dip in income on the horizon.

Scavengers do so out of necessity- from vultures who subsist on what’s left behind by other animals to homeless people who scavenge in bins to feed themselves. To dream about seeing one or witnessing scavenging taking place relates to doing things because you have to, not because you want to. There may be a brief period in your life where you need to make allowances for these needs, even if it’s not what you are used to. Try to see it as a means to an end and not let it define you. 

If you were doing a scavenger hunt in your dream- it’s possible you struggle with focus. To collect miscellaneous items implies a lack of direction. Perhaps you need some clear goals and to map out what you want from your future more precisely so you can head down the appropriate path. 

Another interpretation is related to your environment. If you were scavenging for rubbish to neaten up some land in your dream, perhaps you need to be more conscious about what you throw away. Or do you need to roll up your sleeves and help clean your local area?

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