To dream about a tassel depends on what it was being used for. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

To see a decorative tassel in your or someone else’s home suggests that you need to give something the finishing touch in your waking hours. Perhaps all it needs is a little bit of attention to detail to make it sing. This could refer to a project at work, a hobby piece you have been plugging away at or an event that you are planning. 

To see tassel accents on all of the furniture, curtains and clothing in your dream implies that something is over the top or unnecessary in your life right now. Consider what the tassels were hanging from for additional meaning. A couch could mean you are spending too much of your time watching a screen, on a bed and your relationship might need some work. Excessive tassels on curtains is synonymous with investing so much time in other people’s affairs.  

Think about how you feel about such a decorating statement in your own life- if you think it is tasteful, perhaps seeing one in your dream means that you are doing something exactly to your specifications right now. 

On the other hand, if you find them to be fussy or ugly, perhaps you are unhappy with the way something looks or is in your life at present. If this sounds accurate, what can you do to change it so you are happier with the aesthetics?

Consider the colour of the tassel- a black tassel indicates the ordinary and a gold tassel represents someone or something important. 

If you saw a black tassel, perhaps your life is fairly mundane and you are looking for ways to make it shine. What can you change or add into your world to give it some lustre?

On the other hand if it was gold, perhaps you have been entrusted with a more elevated position at work, within your family or in your social life. 

A rainbow of coloured tassels in a dream is telling you to add some variety into your days. If they have become predictable and samey, things need to change. 

A long tassel that got in the way suggests that something in your life is distracting you from getting on with things. If you were wearing the long tassel, you are sabotaging your own efforts through a negative mindset or unproductive habit. Whereas if the tassel was hanging off the clothing of someone else and they were swinging it at you- this could be the very person who is trying to distract you from your pursuits. Do you need to tell them to stop? Perhaps if you ignore them they will get bored and leave you alone. 

When you looked closely at the tassel and saw that it was fraying or the threads were coming loose, it's likely something is starting to unravel in your waking hours. There is still time to mend whatever it is, however you can’t afford to let it get any worse otherwise it will come apart completely. Try to salvage whatever you have left if that is what you want. If it’s destined to break apart- try to let it happen slowly so that everyone involved can be let down gently and have time to adjust.

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