The show features heavily on the concept of regeneration which paves the way for each new actor to take on the role, so to dream about Dr Who implies a need for change or rebirth. Perhaps your life needs an overhaul if things have been stagnant for a while now. Only you know the areas that need a refresh so tackle each one in turn and see where it takes you. Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

Ncuti Gatwa (PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

Ncuti Gatwa (PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

To see the TARDIS in your dreamscape, implies that you want to change something from your past. While you can’t alter what has been, perhaps you can try and make up for it now in the present. Think about what you regret- have you hurt someone you need to apologise to? Perhaps your experience of doing something bad can put someone else off making the same mistake? Can you use your past behaviours as a lesson for the future?

Similarly, you may want to know what is going to happen- as many of us do, but rather than focusing on what could be- why not concentrate your energy on the here and now? The dream could be telling you that you are missing out on key moments in your life worrying about the what ifs. 

One of the main themes throughout the show is that the Doctor and his sidekick try to prevent monsters from harming innocent people. With this in mind- is there someone in your life who you would describe as evil or nasty? If so, it may be your responsibility to protect another person from them, or at least seek out an expert who can. If you are feeling the brunt of this kind of person in your waking hours, it may be wise to distance yourself from them, stand up to them or have them held accountable for their behaviours. 

The show has gained somewhat of a cult following, so maybe the dream relates to you because you are part of something that relates to a particular section of society. While it might not be approved or understood by everyone, don’t let this hold you back if you really enjoy something or feel drawn to it. 

This simplest interpretation of the dream is that you are a self confessed ‘Whovian’- in other words- a huge fan of the show. Perhaps the latest news is something you have been impatient for and the knowledge of who the new Doctor will be has given you a sense of satisfaction. 

Alternatively, you may be feeling disappointed that the last Dr’s reign is over if you enjoyed their performance. Either way- as a loyal follower of the series, the media focus surrounding your favourite show may have filtered through into your dreamscape and what a testament of your devotion to the programme!

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