Bonfire Night, celebrated in the UK on November 5th every year; we celebrate this event to mark the failed plot by Guy Fawkes to blow up parliament in 1605. This night is full of fun events and festivities such as carnivals, sparklers and of course, fireworks. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Picture Credit: Unsplash

This time of year is wonderful for many, and dreams of the celebrations, fireworks in particular, may be at the forefront of your dreams; usually, fireworks in dreams represents innovation, brilliance and joy. Here are seven meanings surrounding your dreams of fireworks! 

Buying fireworks 

You can never celebrate too much! If you’re one to party, then this dream may be a good sign as there are many reasons to celebrate in life. Buying fireworks in a dream can mean that there is something you have to look forward in your waking life. 

Just as you anticipate fireworks going off, you are likely looking forward to a real-life event. 

Setting up a fireworks show 

If you dream about setting up fireworks in your dream, it is likely that you will soon participate in a project that will be celebrated by others. 

In reality, you will possibly enjoy and celebrate your hard work, but you will be sharing this with someone else; make sure to relish this opportunity, rather than being upset that the focus is not completely on you. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash
Picture Credit: Unsplash

Being burned by fireworks 

If your dream consists of you being burned by a firework, this highly suggests that your waking life will see you disappointed or upset by another person. 

The dream may also mean that other people’s work has become a bigger deal or has been better celebrated than yours. 

Reality calls for you to be aware of your own self-worth (especially in regard to work), and you should try to let your projects and hard work shine, and not let others take advantage of your work. 

Witnessing fireworks 

If you have dreamt about seeing fireworks, then it can mean that in your waking life, some form of change or transition will occur. 

While you might not be completely ready for the new opportunities coming your way, you should still keep an eye out and, you never know, they may surprise you with how wonderful they may be. 

Lighting up fireworks 

Dreaming about lighting some fireworks may infer that you are on your way to making a somewhat impulsive choice. 

In your waking life, try and beware of being too quick to take action and make decisions based on how things look right now. 

Keep an eye out for these hidden choices that may present themselves to you. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash
Picture Credit: Unsplash

Firework dud 

If you dream about a firework that fizzles out before it takes off, it could mean that an idea of yours hasn’t worked out, or plans have potentially been or will be cancelled. 

Things don’t always work out, so if something has gone wrong within your waking life, take solace in the fact that there will be more fireworks to light, and more opportunities to grab hold of. 

Missing fireworks 

While you may see fireworks in your dream, if they appear dull and lifeless, then something in your waking life may be wrong. 

Seeing colours light up but fall into nothingness may signify that you are lonely; perhaps try to get out of your home more. Join a gym or take a class and meet new people! 

If you have a circle of friends you enjoy doing things with, try to book a weekend away or even a dinner one evening; doing things like this can really make you happy.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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