Slush can mean melted snow or ice, excessive sentiment or to make a squelching or splashing sound- so what does it mean when we dream about it? 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Slush, when referring to the aftermath of a snowstorm could mean that you are coming to the end of something in your waking hours. 

Perhaps there are still remnants of this event hanging around, but for the most part, the worst part is over. 

Try to remember how you felt in the dream- maybe you are disappointed that this period has reached an end even if it was a little alarming or prevented you from doing what you wanted. 

On the other hand, it’s possible it was so disruptive, you are glad that you can turn your back on it. 

Slush might be a reminder to you that there are still dangers out there and to remain vigilant and careful. Even though the main part is over, there are still things that threaten your safety and elements that are as yet uncovered. 

Another thought is that someone is being overly sentimental in your life at present and it’s making you uncomfortable. If they are being this way in your presence- it may be something you have to learn to live with and turn a blind eye too. They probably won’t change if this is who they have always been. 

On the other hand, if they are trying to drag you into feeling the same way and this is the last thing you want, it may be time to let them know. 

If this is out of the ordinary for this person, their reaction might be in response to a recent heartbreak or bereavement, so the dream could be telling you to be more lenient with them. Do they need your support rather than your judgement?

These extreme expressions of how they are feeling will probably fade with time. 

If you are the one who is being sentimental in your waking hours- what has made you feel this way if it’s not your usual way of looking at the world or the people in it? 

Perhaps it’s a cry for help or a change in outlook that’s a result of a recent life event. 

To adorn wellies and play in slush implies that you aren’t making the most of the free and accessible fun that is available to you right now. It’s time to take advantage of the things that are right in front of you rather than seeking out more complicated ways to entertain yourself. 

It could also mean that you need to have more fun. Have you been working too hard lately and focusing on what needs to get done rather than taking some time out to unwind?

Finally, a slush drink is usually something that’s drunk on a hot day or hot climbs, so maybe you are looking forward to days out with your family or an upcoming holiday. Consider who you were drinking your slush with for extra significance. Do you or the person you were with need to cool down? It’s possible the drink is a sign that one or both of you has been a little hot headed lately and need to get some perspective.

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Perhaps you need to find a way to release your emotions if you have been bottling them up for a while. Maybe you need to be less self-conscious about yourself and stop worrying about what other people think of you. If the snow was melting, however, perhaps you are discovering ways of expressing and acknowledging your emotions- and it's gradually getting easier. You are finally able to leave behind some of your fears and the obstacles you saw as being in your way. If you were driving in snow, then you may need to approach your goals with caution- at any point you could find yourself in a sticky situation if you’re not careful...

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