Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl inspired 'Grey's Anatomy' creator Shonda Rhimes to develop a "no a**holes" policy on set.

The TV producer admits she learned a lot from working with the 35-year-old actress - who was branded difficult and accused of being a diva on other sets earlier this year - on the drama, and has no time for "nasty people" anymore.

Discussing the tight-knit cast on her other show 'Scandal' and her "no a**holes" policy, Shonda told The Hollywood Reporter: "There are no Heigls in this situation..."

She added: "I don't put up with b*****t or nasty people. I don't have time for it."

The duo's friendship soured in 2008 after the blonde beauty, who played Dr. Izzie Stevens on the show for five years until 2010, withdrew her name from awards consideration because she felt she hadn't been provided the material "to warrant an Emmy nomination."

Katherine recently confessed she was "angry and frustrated" when she worked on the medical series after adopting her eldest daughter, Naleigh, in 2009.

She said: "I would come home angry and frustrated that I'd missed everything with my kid that day. I didn't get to wake her up from her nap or do bath time or bedtime. I'd have to sneak into her room and kiss her when she was sleeping, hoping not to wake her up."

The 'State of Affairs' added: "I felt like my priorities were messed up. I was putting so much time and energy into just my work, but I was raised [to believe] that family comes first."