Melanie Chisholm has said that the Spice Girls' reunion helped her embrace her past as Sporty Spice and inspired her "empowering" new album.

Spice Girls reunion inspired my ’empowering’ new album, says Mel C

Spice Girls reunion inspired my ’empowering’ new album, says Mel C

Earlier this week, the 46-year-old released her latest single, Blame It On Me, from her forthcoming solo album.

It will be her first since the girl band – minus Victoria Beckham – got back together for a string of tour dates across the UK and Ireland in 2019.

Spice Girls reunion tour
Spice Girls reunion tour

Speaking on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, she said "last year felt like a real celebration".

Chisholm added that the experience had "actually been quite inspiring for this album" because she had felt her own personality being "reflected" while on stage.

"Because I was nervous about becoming Sporty Spice again, but I realised quickly I don't become her, I am her. It's a huge part of who I am.

"That's when I just started to embrace everything about myself.

"This album is really empowering and I have the Spice Girls to thank for feeling that way about myself and everything we have achieved."

Ivor Novello Awards 2018  London
Ivor Novello Awards 2018 London

Chisholm has a daughter called Scarlett, born in 2009, with her former partner, property developer Thomas Starr.

She said she had struggled to keep the youngster motivated during lockdown, but that she has now returned to school.

"My daughter went back to school a couple of weeks ago," she said.

"She's 11 so she is in Year 6, and that was big relief, obviously, because at home is so busy, because I continue to work.

"But also it was hard to keep her motivated to do her work, even to go out and do exercise.

"I have seen such a change. Literally within one or two days back at school she is much more herself, which is a big relief."

– Melanie Chisholm's new album is out later this year.