Thousands of people arrive on America’s doorstep every day searching for the American dream. Most simply search for jobs to get by and give their children a better life. Others are searching for much more, though they’re unsure of the details until they arrive.

Amy Mikhaiel Achieving the American Dream

Amy Mikhaiel Achieving the American Dream

Amy Mikhaiel was both.

When Amy immigrated to the US from Algeria in 2008, she had a dream. She was keen to make a life for herself in Los Angeles. But she didn't know where to start, and she didn't know anyone, she had no experience, and, most challenging, she spoke little English. Cleaning seemed like an easy option.

“I started cleaning neighbor's homes just to get some pennies,” she says.

“And every time I washed dishes or mopped floors, they gave me $5. So, I started to think, ‘how many more dishes can I wash? How many more floors can I mop?’ So I started adding more. The more dishes I wash, the more money I get.”

It wasn’t long before she got a big break – cleaning the house of an elite businesswoman in Los Angeles. In this role, she discovered the power behind owning a business and being a successful woman. And her future started to fit together.

As she worked around these highly successful people, she took inspiration from her business-oriented clients. The more she heard the stories of their humble beginnings, the more she related to them. At the time, she was a single mother who had just immigrated. If they could do it, why couldn't she? She realized she was passionate about cleaning and decided to make something special.

With a packed schedule, Amy realized she was just a few more steps away from building an empire. All she needed was to enlist the help and expand the company. That's exactly what she did – she took a leap. She made it her mission to instill a positive attitude, honesty, respect, high standard, and effective communication into every team member. With those five pillars, she built her company Amy's Angels Cleaning™.

Making Her Mark

Her resilience has made an imprint on the community, not just by keeping buildings and properties clean but by bringing hundreds of jobs to the area. With a CEO who started as a cleaner, Amy operates one of the highest-paying cleaning companies in the business.

Her passion for cleaning and her business knowledge has allowed her to build a robust business model that always puts the customers' needs first while balancing her employees' safety and well-being. With a healthy work environment for her team, Amy's Angels™ Cleaning Inc's clients get a high level of work. She maintains the same burning passion today as she held when she first arrived in Los Angeles.

Today, Amy Mikhaiel is busy running several successful businesses and raising her three wonderful children. As the founder and CEO of Amy's Angels™ Cleaning Inc. and two other training-based businesses Mops to Millions and Maghreb Business Billionaires, she wants to teach others the same lessons her upbringing taught her.

“It's insane how much women need to be empowered by each other,” she says.

You can do whatever you want if you're ready to keep going and never give up.

Amy Mikhaiel’s journey in the US started with earning $15 an hour, and today, she has a team of over 200 people who rely on her business nous. She has taken that business knowledge to coach other female entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses. And most importantly, Amy helps instill confidence and encourages women in business to break through limitations.