Of the many new occupations and careers that emerged with the rise of social media, being an influencer is among the most interesting. Set to reach $21.1 billion in 2023, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing sector is on its way to becoming even more prominent, providing plenty of opportunities for people who can attract a following.

Allure By Ana Founder Adriana Snyder

Allure By Ana Founder Adriana Snyder

Some influencers have been able to take their success as an influencer and catapult it into their own brand.

Adriana Snyder is the brain behind Allure the Brand, a sports and workout clothing brand that has been taken to incredible heights in the past few years. While Adriana and her business partner run a 7-figure business today, things looked very different when she started off as an influencer.

“When I started social media five years ago, I was sponsored as a fitness influencer. I had a discount code that I earned commission from,” she says. “All while, almost working full time at Publix.”

For Adriana Snyder, working as an influencer was a side gig. Soon her side gig started making her some real money. After that, things began ramping up until she was able to make the equivalent of her full-time salary. That’s when she was inspired to start creating her brand and go all in. 

“My fiancé and I started looking into different manufacturers and researching all the things necessary to start a business. Things like creating a website, fulfillment and customer service” she says. “And that’s how we got started, three years ago – from the living room of our house.”

A lot has changed since then. Adriana Snyder swapped the living room for a complete warehouse to store all inventory. The team now counts four members and is in the process of adding a couple more, and Allure the Brand’s revenue has been tripled since the first year and has been growing each year.

When asked about the experience of starting her own business, Adriana Snyder says it’s been smooth sailing for the most part but there’s a ton that goes into it.

“People will ask me if it’s been a struggle, and honestly, there will be ups and downs it’s not an overnight success. We had to put the work in after our 9 to 5 and put aside all the distractions and just focus on the brand,” she says. “I have a great business partner who helps me with anything I can’t handle. It’s been an amazing journey. I wouldn’t change a thing! .” 

Change, however, is inevitable when one has a growing business. Allure The Brand releases new products, like their Flare Sets and Viral V Back shorts which bring in new customers and plenty of opportunity for the company to expand.

But one thing is sure — Adriana Snyder and Allure the Brand will keep going from one victory to the next.

by Carly Palmer