In a world full of male-led industries, there are many women breaking those barriers with dedication. In general, more and more women are present in various different industries and are earning great titles and respect. One such industry is the gambling one, but we are not talking about players, no. Yes, there are great female gamblers, but today we are talking about experts in the field. One such memorable and hard-working woman, worthy of her title is Siobhan Aslett. 

Sports Commentating

Sports Commentating

The iGaming industry is vast and there are plenty of experts in betting and online casinos. More precisely, sports editors are predominantly male, but the Irish sports betting expert Siobhan Aslett has risen through the ranks and is now one of the leading experts in the field. That is why we have decided to have an interview with her and learn more about the hardships of being a female sports editor. 

Siobhan, tell us how you started this career?

Well, I’ve always loved sports… The very thing I studied is what drove me most toward the sports industry. I studied sports nutrition at the University of Exter and after that, I started looking into jobs I could score. Even though sports nutrition is fun and you get to work with a lot of stars, during my studies I have found that I have a passion for sports betting and how it all works. 

I’ve always wondered how those operators do their job and what’s behind the curtains of betting. So, naturally, I went in to explore this world, even though everyone told me that men are better at this. But, I didn’t listen to them, I listened to my guts and my heart. 

That’s a great way to start, really! Congrats!

Thanks! It’s important to follow your guts and passion!

So, what did you find the hardest during your beginnings? Is it hard to push forward when you’re being told ‘it’s not a woman’s job’?

Every job requires dedication and hard work. It is not nice hearing such comments that women cannot do certain jobs, but that didn’t stop me. I knew what I wanted to do in my career and all I had to do is do my best. 

Unfortunately, being a woman in a male-dominated industry does require more hard work and dedication. But it is not impossible. Luckily, the company where I work now, IrishLuck, provides so much support and I don’t have to constantly prove myself as an expert. They simply trust me to make good decisions, which I have proven with my work. I know a lot of women who have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously, and that’s really sad because there are thousands of great hard-working women and everyone deserves a chance to be recognized for their skills and knowledge. 

Yes, it is hard for women often. Do you think the culture is changing a bit?

Of course! More and more women are recognized and valued in various industries which used to be male-dominated. Just look at me and my colleagues. Many other industries are also changing their narrative and don’t look at women as workers who have to prove themselves and deserve that place. Some industries even prefer women now, which is a great step forward. 

Those are some great news for women! And how do you find your current job? What’s your experience with IrishLuck?

I love my job! I really enjoy working at IrishLuck because I get to explore the world of sports. I love checking lineups and injury news and I am very eager when it comes to checking predictions and available odds. You never know what you can find and see!

However, what I love the most is how unpredictable everything is and how easily the tables can turn. There’s nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon, kick-off is an hour away, and I'm checking line-up and injury news, the latest odds and predictions, and watching the tables bounce around. As an avid fan of competitive sports, I know how placing bets can further fuel enjoyment of the game and I feel lucky to be able to combine work-related research with a genuine interest of mine. This is something I’d be doing in my spare time anyway, so I'm happy to share this knowledge with fans of our site,

That is very lovely to hear Siobhan! We are so glad you’ve found your place in this industry! More importantly, we are glad to hear that such a great woman can successfully fight her way into this male-dominant industry and become an expert such as yourself. Great job!

Yes, thank you so much! And thank you for this opportunity to talk about women and their hardships. I’m very glad we did this!

So are we! And readers, if you’d like to share your experiences with us and Siobhan, let us know!

Yes, women around the world, let us know how you are finding your way through your own industry! Perseverance and hard work always pay off, so stay strong ladies!