Every woman has struggled with their body image at some point over the course of their life. Most women are looking in the mirror and for some reason don’t love what they see.

Nadine Robinson

Nadine Robinson

Some just carry on, being very practical and functional in their approach to their bodies. Others will try, to some degree, to follow the standards of beauty that our culture lays out for them. But how can this be harming us? Nadine Robinson is a visionary entrepreneur, who helps women find their true selves through the mind body connection.

Here she outlines seven ways you could be missing out on your life because you’re not comfortable in your body:

1) You’re triggering anxiety all the time

Women who don’t love their bodies keep a small current of anxiety running all the time. How does my bottom look? Is my belly sticking out? Does this shirt look ok? Is my lipstick on point? You micro-manage how your body is moving through the world all day long. There is a reason women come home and throw their bra off and pop on their yoga pants! Ask yourself how your day would be different if you weren’t worried about how you looked?

2) You won’t make bold moves if you’re worried about your body

Confidence is everything. And if your confidence depends on external validation, you will never stand up for what you deserve. Nobody knows what is best for you, especially if you’re going somewhere bold and outrageous! When your confidence radiates from within, you can be unstoppable.

3) You’re risking physical harm to your body

Women often don’t listen to the physical symptoms of their bodies. How often have you had to use the bathroom and waited? How many times have you suddenly noticed that you are desperately thirsty or ravenously hungry? Women are rewarded for putting other people first, which means we must put ourselves last. Ask yourself right now “what do I need?” A glass of water? To lay down. A snack? Movement? You’re risking bladder troubles, blood sugar issues, exhaustion, and burnout when you don’t listen to the physical needs of your body.

4) You might lie on your deathbed filled with regrets

Research tells us that the only things we regret are things we don’t do. Maybe you don’t take photos with your kids because you haven’t done your hair or don’t have your makeup on. Maybe you won’t go on the roller coaster. Perhaps you won’t go to the beach because you need to lose ten pounds. Don’t live a life of regrets because you’re not a size eight.

5) You’re giving away your power

The beauty industry loves to control women. It’s a billion-pound business. And by keeping women focused on their flaws means that we aren’t going to risk the scorn, judgement, and ridicule of others. Our “beauty” (or lack thereof) is well known to us. Women are ignored, considered “bitchy,” aggressive, or otherwise labelled because of how we look. Do not give away your power because someone else thinks you are a two instead of a ten.

6) You’re wasting time and energy

How much extra time do you spend getting your hair dyed, or going for a pedicure, or getting some Botox? I’m all for self-care! Women deserve it. But are those things really for you? Being self-conscious about how you look and spending a lot of time being presentable is a massive amount of work. How many hours do you spend on beauty treatments, skin care, haircuts, or getting your nails done? Imagine what would be possible if that time and energy were free to be used towards your dreams, goals, and passions? Make sure your beauty treatments are just for you.

7) You might be missing the best orgasms of your life

Are you having sex and worrying about the to do list, how much your bottom is jiggling, and that your boobs are sagging under your armpits? You are not alone. Women miss the bliss and pleasure of their bodies because they are so busy managing how they look. Do you have sex with the lights on? How about getting all into it when you have hairy legs? Our bodies are vessels for pleasure! And yet women are denied this pleasure every single day because we do not match up to our own critical expectations. Sex is about letting go and being free with wild abandon. If you are worried about your hair or your cellulite, you are not going to enjoy that juicy sex!

Take the time to really see which of these might be true for you. You deserve all the power, and pleasure your body has to offer. Make friends with your body and see how your life will blossom!

Nadine Robinson is a visionary entrepreneur who helps women find their true selves through the mind body connection and can be found at: www.wildmedicinewoman.ca