Demand for energy drinks is on the rise in the UK. With lives getting busier, to-do lists getting longer and most of us feeling more time-poor than ever, we often need that ‘quick fix’ of energy to get the most out of the day. However, with the recent spotlight on energy drinks and the introduction of the sugar tax, consumers are on the lookout for options that not only taste delicious but can provide a pick-me-up without the wired highs and sugar crashes that many people associate with them.

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

To tap into this demand, the Flyte ( range has been created to clean up the soft drink and energy drink categories, showing that a fresher taste and functional benefits can be maintained whilst using natural healthier ingredients.

Energy Drinks Of The Future

The ‘next generation’ of clean energy drinks are designed to help people live life to the full, while also being great tasting and versatile. Previously, many people considered energy drinks to only be functional offerings that taste artificial. However, new healthier and positive offerings on the market that are created using ingredients sourced entirely from nature means that they can be enjoyed in daily life, without having a negative impact on the body. 

Free From Added Sugar

There is no doubt that sugar consumption will remain top of the soft and energy drinks agenda for the foreseeable future. Clean energy drinks are striving to create unique offerings that are free from added sugar, by sweetening their offerings with fruit juice and stevia leaf for example, meaning consumers can now avoid sugar ‘highs and lows’ while also harnessing a satisfying taste.

Active Ingredients & Functionality

Taurine has long been an additive for energy drinks – it is an amino acid, which was first isolated from ox bile but is now synthetically produced. Revolutionary new energy drink offerings are moving away from this to instead contain powerful natural ingredients that work together to deliver uncompromising clean energy without the crash.

Indeed, Flyte is the first energy drink of its kind due to its taste, functionality and natural ingredient profile. Each bottle is fortified with Vitamin B & C and has:

  • A double shot of Organic Caffeine harnessed from pure and anti-oxidant rich unprocessed, unroasted green coffee beans.
  • Maca Root - high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, copper and iron to aid focus and concentration.  It has been used for thousands of years in South America
  • Schizandra - a super berry that helps with blood oxygenation to reduced muscle aches and pains, overcome fatigue and encourage fast recovery post-exercise.

Delicious Refreshing Taste

Clean energy drinks are being designed to provide a highly refreshing and thirst quenching alternative. People are increasingly looking to incorporate them into their daily life as alternatives to coffee or sugar-laden drinks when a slump hits. Flyte for example, can be enjoyed at elevenses to bring focus to the day and then again in the afternoon to make the most of the evening. In the night, it is ideal to serve when entertaining or can be enjoyed as a delicious alternative to alcohol when out socialising with friends and family.


Brands that are committed to having a positive impact on the body and planet have never been so important. Flyte is a carbon positive brand which strives for a sustainable future. Each bottle is packaged in recyclable glass and the brand uses locally sourced mineral water to reduce its carbon footprint.

Flyte ( is an innovative British brand, which produces a revolutionary range of lightly sparkling and healthier positive energy drinks made from ingredients sourced entirely from nature.

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